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Monday, September 10, 2012

Killing Our Feet Everday


Aren't we thankful for our hands and feet? They help us do anything in our everyday routine. Just imagine all the weight and pressure that our feet carry everyday that sometimes we tend to forget to take good care of them. We often subject our feet to danger by wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes  or shoes that give very little support and cushion that can harm our feet and eventually our health.

I feel guilty at times for there are  occasions that I wear close shoes that often hurt my toes and heels. I don't wear high-heel shoes but I have some flat shoes that often results in pain in my heels when I use it for long period of time.  Arghhh.. it's painful.  I believe the condition that I'm having is called plantar fasciitis.  I learned that using an insole is one of the plantar faciitis heel pain relief that I can use to minimize the pain that I am having. I have to look into this. Other conditions that we can get when wearing uncomfortable shoes are corns, bunions, hammer toes, clubfoot, fractures and more.

Wearing high-heel shoes may look so sexy and elegant but some women didn't know that it can cause  cause severe hammertoes, pain on the ball of the foot and other pains if you use them everyday for long hours. Ouuuchhh! It is recommended that we need to wear shoes of different heights so that our feet can also relax.