Saturday, September 29, 2012

Attending a Prom Night

Poor thing, I never get to experience Prom Night where highschool seniors dress up well for the occasion. Usually girls will wear gowns while boys in their tux or formal attire. During our time, our school didn't allow such event to happen for they believe it was just a waste of money or something not all parents will approve of because of the money that they will give to their children to buy gown and for the make-up artist. We didn't even have a highschool year album. arghhh..Those are something that our batch missed and regret of not having.

These days, there are many schools that are having prom nights and it is much awaited by all the seniors to attend before they graduate. Before the event the seniors are busy looking for the best dress that they can wear not just to make them look good but also to impress their other batchmates. It's pretty easy now to look for prom dresses, even girls on the plus size can find plus size prom dresses under $200 online.

Some of my nieces and nephews have experience going in a prom night and they had the best time ever especially when they learned who is the Prom Queen and King.

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