Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Accident Happens

Every morning, after waking up I always see to it that I'll pet my dog Sophie and let her eat breakfast. These days, her coat is not in a perfect condition anymore for it has matted on some parts already. Blame it on me because I'm not brushing her hair anymore.. tsk tsk... Got tired of doing that everyday because it eats up my time grooming her. So, the other day, I thought of trimming her coat to check on her skin too. I saw a bunch under her front right leg and without much thought, I cut it with scissor. To my horror, she cried and got up and realized that I cut her when I carried her on my arms to console her.. Wahhhh.. I'm really so angry at myself for doing that to my baby. I could even hold her leg to put some medicine for I know it's painful for her. I just carried her all the time and let sleep. Good thing is that it is not bleeding but I just saw a 1/2 inch cut.. yay.

Now, I would never do that again to her for fear of injuring her again. I'm really felt bad and sorry for what I did. On Sunday, I'm already going to the vet and let her groomed. It's also the time for the doctor to see the injury that I made to my poor dog. Ahh.. it really makes me sad knowing what I have done. I know it's an accident but I should have been more careful.

Anyway, with that incident, I'm always being careful when using scissors or knife while preparing food as well. I don;t want something similar happened to myself too. I remember seeing a knife safety online and I should get one of that. Nothing beats being careful all the time.


  1. Doing my rounds ate Jen for the ABH.

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  2. thanks Jhari.. finally nakasali ka rin

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