Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No More Coffee For Me

MY SIL was teasing me and handing over her coffee this morning when she had breakfast. I quickly told her that I hate the smell of her coffee (i think it was a 3-1 instant one) and it's not like the coffee that I used to love before. I've stopped drinking coffee since February this year and I am amazed that I have not tasted a drop since then. wahooooo!! I'm not even tempted to make a cup of coffee for myself for I am not excited anymore to drink it. My doctor asked me not to drink coffee anymore as much as possible so as to relive the sourness that I'm feeling in my stomach.

Since I followed her advice, my stomach has gone better. With that result, I vowed not to drink any coffee anymore even if someone asked me to drink some. Yey for me!

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