Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Reason to See the Doctor Again

Mom's health is kinda so-so lately and it's kinda bothering. I heard her cough few times the other day and I'm praying that is only due to some food or lack of water. We had repainting done about 2 weeks ago and the smell of the paint is unbearable as well. I've been telling mom to go out of the house so she can't smell it directly. She's been a little stubborn and I guess her coughing is due to that. Oh well, thankfully I didn't her her cough today or else we have another reason to see her doctor again.

Actually her surgery on gallstones has been moved few times already and I bet she hates being admitted at the hospital and see her doctor and nurse with the medication cart in tow. I’m just wishing her good health bec. she’s already 79.

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