Saturday, July 16, 2011

Praying For Speedy Recovery

We’re so shocked last Tuesday when my oldest brother was rushed to the hospital by my other bro and her wife. He is apparently experiencing some chest pains and dizziness and when he can’t take it anymore he asked my bro to rushed him to the nearest hospital.

It was found out that he had a mild stroke and that he needs a change in eating and living lifestyle now. He loves coffee (too much of it actually), pork with fats, cigarette and staying up late at night and all of these are the reason why his health is failing recently. We love having bbq on our electric grill sometimes on weekends and he is the one who keeps on telling to us to have liempo, tenga ng baboy (pork’s ears), and even crispy pata. Oh dear.. now his body is asking him to slow down.

We’ve been asking him to also stop smoking as it is really not good for the health and we always remind him that our dad succumbed to cardiac arrest too when he was only 55 so he better take care of his health now if he wants to live longer. I guess he’ll heed our advices.

Right now, he’s out of the hospital and recovering at home. He needs to take all his medicines and consult another doctor soon.

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