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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects of Actos

There's no doubt that having diabetes is a very fatal disease for it can bring lots of complications to any patient. I have an aunt who just recently died due to complications of her diabetes. Unfortunately her sugar levels was uncontrollable already and it made her half blind and week. Aside from that she still has high blood pressure. It's so sad to know that diabetes is a very hard disease to treat.

For some patients, their doctors might give them Actos drug but lately, it was found out that this drug is causing dangerous side effects to patients. As a result, lawsuit are filed by those that have been affected by this. If you are taking Actos and acquired cancer of the bladder, then by no means contact a lawyer that can help you take legal action against the manufacturer of the said drug.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Medicines Also Become the Reason for Having another Ailment

All of us take medicines to cure our disease or ailments but what if that drug that your doctor prescribed is the cause of your new ailment? Wow that would be unacceptable if that happened to me. I remember taking a medicine that my doctor prescribed for my stomach problem but when I noticed changes in my body and different side effects, I immediately stopped taking it. My doctor in turn prescribed another medicine when I told her about the side effects.

Some drugs don’t really show side effects instantly but when used in prolonged periods of time, it may become destructive just like what Actos has done to a lot of diabetic patients.

Actos, is a medicine given to patients with diabetes and it is taken orally. It was approved as a diabetic drug but recently, studies showed that Actos have been causing serious side effects to a lot of patients. Patients showed signs of heart failure, heart attack and there’s even bladder cancer. This is very alarming and as a result, in France and Germany, Actos drug is pulled out from the market already and manyActos lawsuit have been field already. In cases where defective products are found, it’s always best to take legal action. O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm has product liability attorneys that can help clients in their legal battle.