Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trying to be Healthy

Eversince I was diagnosed with an acidity problem in my stomach, I already heed the advice of my doctor eventhough there are times that I cheat..hehe. I was told not to drink soft drinks anymore as it can produce too much acid in much stomach. Aside from that , I also gave up drinking coffee which is a good decision that I made. It's almost a year now that I have not sipped any coffee and that is something that I'm proud of. I also ;lessen my pork intake plus I also managed to eat on time.

These days, I’m eating more healthy. I love eating papaya now and veggies. I don;t eat processed or canned food now but I still need to learn how to eat more fruits because I only love to eat papaya and banana. We also lessen eating fatty foods and those fried foods. We just use our outdoor gas grills when we want some chicken barbeque.

My 2 bros. also stopped smoking… yahoooo!!! My older got the shock of his life when he had a stroke late last year so he totally stopped smoking and eating less fatty foods. I hope we’ll be more healthy this year because it’s hard to be sick.  

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