Thursday, March 22, 2012

Giving a Smile to Someone's Face

A friend of ours was hospitalized for a minor stroke and it was so sad to see her in a not so good condition. She's been a little obese for a long time now and that contributed to her unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. She's not into healthy eating and abusing her body is not uncommon and I guess her body is just fed up with all her doings. I'm sure she'll learn from her mistake and will carry a new lifestyle now. Her doctor gave her a long list of things to avoid and do and she's been vowing not to go back on her old routine anymore now that she experienced stroke. For few days she can't speak and can move her arms a bit but with the help of her family, she managed to gain back her liveliness but not fully recovered.

Our presence and of course the gift basket that we have gave a smile on her face and I'm sure she'll recover fast as long as she'll heed all the advices from her doctor. Medicines, healthy eating, love of her family/friends, and of course prayers will greatly help her.

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