Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Kids Should not Meddle During Adult Arguments

Just the other weekend, a family drama surfaces. It's just one of  those days when people become crazy, over sensitive and lose their temper. My aunt and my older brother got an argument that happened once again. My bro is not the usual confrontational kind of guy by means of speaking or yelling but his own way is to throw things. It's his way to release  and show his anger when is is really pissed of. I'm not really on the scene when that happened but according to my SIL and some family members, the argument started because my aunt is asking my bro to clean the mess that he left on the garage. I guess my bro is already fed up with the constant nagging and repeated talking of my aunt that is why he lost his tempter. Mom overheard the commotion and he came to the scene and asked both to be calm. Argument sprouted again between my aunt and my mom (both are sisters) and that is not good.

Hearing the yelling, my nephew came and told them to stop yelling and arguing at each other that made mom and other adults to tell him to shut up and he  must not join the adult arguments. Ahh.. family issues and drama happens to any family. Our family is not perfect and I think there's no perfect family anyway.

When family drama arises, sometimes I just want to keep mum and don't want to meddle with their arguments so that issue will not become big anymore. I'm just wishing that kids should learn how to honor and respect elders and they should not interfere with the adult conversation.

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