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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Many Applications of Disposable Gas-filled Cylinders

Gas-filled cylinders containing Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (NO2), Argon (Ar) and Nitrogen (N) have been used in many different fields or industries that sometimes we didn’t take notice of.  With their portability, compactness, economic and lightweight properties, not only it can be a powerful source of energy but also can dish up wide range of uses.

With the diverse kinds of gases that it contains, these cylinders must be properly stored and handled carefully to prevent any leak. Superior quality gas cylinders should only be used to avoid dangers of explosion or any untoward incidents involving these cylinders. To ensure that you’ll only use high-class cylinders that passed through strict quality control, only get your supplies from leading manufacturers like iSi Components that has been in the business for many decades already.

Here are the many uses of gas-filled cylinders:
Science and Medicine
A disposable medical gas cylinder can now be used in the treatment of vascular disease where doctors use an angioplasty device. The nitrous oxide within that cylinder can cool the heart vessels during the process. A modern handheld breast biopsy device also contains a disposable cylinder that can aid in the tissue biopsy with accuracy.

It can also be used in the intradermally or pulmonary delivery of medications of patients. Aside from the Drug Delivery Systems, these disposable gas cylinders are used in Medical Appliances, Scientific Research  and Environmental Science.

Inflation Devices
Those automatic inflatable lifejackets for adults, kids or infants uses compressed gas cylinders that can be used in aviation, marine, and in the military. Not only that, it can also be used to inflate motorcycle tires, bicycle tires and various kinds of gas dispensers.

Food and Beverage

They can be used in the in the form soda siphons and cream whippers as well as in  wine preservation, beer and other beverage dispensing, and carbonation systems.

Safety and Security

Gas cylinders can also extinguish flames or fire

CO2 Guns

Those CO2 cartridges can be the power source for power CO2 guns used in wide variety of applications such as for recreation like paintball markers, pellet & soft air guns. Guns for police and military training, special effects cannons for celebrations and veterinary applications.

Trade Devices
Those industries that deals with welding, drain cleaning, or high-tech  cutting of various materials like metals can require the use of gases to make their production much faster.