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Friday, November 2, 2012

Shocking CCTV Footage of Child Abuse in a Nursery by a Teacher

Wow, another child abuse caught on tape and this one is the shocking CCTV footage of child abuse in a nursery by a teacher in China to a 4 year old child!

This was on the new lately and if you watched the video, I know for sure you'll be fuming mad at this teacher who helplessly maltreated this poor child. You'll see that the teacher carried the girl on his arms and throws her on the floor, kicked her and tossed her again! The teacher is doing that yet no one seems to stop her (there are other teachers around).

It appears that the child has  learning difficulties, is now left severely brain damaged because of what the teacher has done! The poor child also has undergone operations but now she cannot walk already!

My gosh, thankfully the teacher is prosecuted already!

Warning: the video can be so disturbing!