Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blogging in Filipino

I had a time this afternoon to kinda blog hop for a while since I have not done this for a long..long… I say really long time. Been so busy with online works and of course with my designing digital scrapbooking kits that’s why I have no time to blog hop. There are also times that I missed reading the feeds on my google reader.

Anyway, I wanted to update myself with what is going on with other bloggers when I stumbled into this blog where she blogs in our own native language. Wow, I’m only at the 1st paragraph of her entry when I decided not to read it anymore. Yay.. Hirap palang magbasa din ng entry in Tagalog and I’m sure it’s even harder to write. I’m not saying I’m good in writing in English for I know I’m not because I always have grammar issues…lol

I guess, it’s just her forte to write in Filipino and so I respect that.

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  1. I have recently connected with a number of Pinoy bloggers and found out that many of them write in Filipino. This is an interesting development as the language is now becoming a language of choice on the web. I never thought this was very common in fact I thought of putting up a blog in Filipino but felt it might be too formal.

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