Monday, August 29, 2011

She Wants to Go Swimming on a Stormy Day

It's been a long weekend here at our neck of the woods since Saturday up till Tuesday and the kids are enjoying their mini-vacation once again. We didn't plan for any vacation getaway since it's also a stormy day in the country. Out of the blue, my 'lil 8 yr-old niece asked her mom to go on swimming at the nearby resort in our place. Of course, we didn't agree because it's been raining on and off everyday and it's not very conducive to go out esp. swimming. For sure the pool waters will be very cold and I don't think there are pool heat pumps to keep the pool warm. Again it's also impossible since it's raining.

My niece has been nagging her mom about it all the time and to appease her, we just told that we’ll go next summer and that made her smile.

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