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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Time to Celebrate a Debut Party

It was a day that every teenage girl awaits, her 18th debut birthday. It is the time when she is stepping to a more mature age where she can legally vote, drive and do some of the things that she can be allowed to do and have. Just this January, my friend's daughter celebrated her 18th birthday with a party. At first, the party seems not feasible because of financial constraint but as the date nears, all things come into right places. With a good amount of money on hand, my friend slowly make the party into realization. The party is simple yet meaningful. She got the venue for a good price, and the caterer she got was good and considerate that it gave additional food for the party.

I asked my 2 niece to do the photo coverage and it was my gift for the debutant. They borrowed speakers and microphone that was used during the party. It would have been nice if they can get a top snowball microphone at MF but they have limited budget already so they didn't bother to get one.

Overall, it was a day for the debutant to shine and be with her family and friends. I'm thankful that I have witnessed the event and see her bloom in becoming a grown up women. Wishing her all the best in life.

Monday, May 28, 2012

To Have a Party or Not

Mom will be celebrating her 80th birthday in October and we’re planning to giving her a party just like what we did when she turned 75 five years ago. We already told her about our plans but I think she’s not ok with the idea of having a big party. Aside from it’s too expensive it will also require quite a handful of helpers to aid us in cooking and preparing.

We also thought of inquiring at catering services so that the caterer will just bring all their catering supplies and food at our house. No more hassle for us but mom don’t approve of it. She wanted to spare us with all those hard work and she told us that she wanted to just have a dinner or lunch at a restaurant with only family members attending. 

We’ll see.. October is still far anyway, she might still change her mind.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Birthday Celebrants

This month, many of my relatives celebrated their birthdays.
February 2 – 52nd birthday of my SIL
February 3-  52nd birthday of my oldest brother
February 13- 50th birthday of my older sister
February 21- 7th birthday of my niece

Wow, we have so many birthday celebrants and more to come on March. It’s always a tradition to have a spaghetti or any kind of noodles to eat for it was believed it was for long life. Even if they will be no party as long as we’ll have a small get together lunch or dinner is good enough.

Gifts are always welcome even if it just small like one of those birthday frames as long as it is given by heart and that all matters.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday Soon

Teeheee.. it's going to be my birthday next week and I'm kinda excited already. I'm not expecting any flowers ordered from proflowers online (but that would be awesome hehe!) and I'm not also giddy because I'm adding another number on my birthday. I’m actually excited because I’ll be going shopping again just like every year.

That is my day so I will enjoy and give myself some rewards. I’m not sure if I’m also going out with a friend or niece. Actually, I’m just thinking of shopping alone with no one in tow so I can go to any stores that I want without thinking someone if she’s bored or tired following me from there to there. Ahhh.. I can’t wait to shop! I just need to know what I want and need.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Raffle with a Cause

A kind-hearted friend, Glo will be celebrating her 33rd birthday this August and again, she’s having a birthday treat not for herself but for us friends and others. This year, instead of just having a raffle like what she’s been doing the past years, it will be a different one as she is doing it for a good cause in helping a cancer victim named MIO.

Anyone can help Mio and those who will also participate in this cause will have the chance to win one of these cambridge sachets that she already purchased. Glo is very generous and kind hearted, no wonder she’s so successful in life.

If you want to join this birthday raffle with a cause just check out Glo’s birthday raffle mechanics here .

Orange Satchel

Pink Satchel

Yellow Satchel

Yellow Satchel

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruth!

I just learned from my bestfriend RACE yesterday that her daughter and my Godchild Ruth is celebrating her birthday today and she's 12 years already. Time surely flies so fast and now she's almost a teen and she needs to be guarded from would be

I am wishing her all the love, happiness and success in the world. I know her parents love her so much. I wish I can give her a lavish gift today like a tour in Hongkong Disneyland or Sea World in Florida and for sure it'll be fun to stay in one of those orlando hotels but i can't afford that right now. Maybe if I'll win the big jackpot in lotto then I'll treat her and her family.