Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Raffle with a Cause

A kind-hearted friend, Glo will be celebrating her 33rd birthday this August and again, she’s having a birthday treat not for herself but for us friends and others. This year, instead of just having a raffle like what she’s been doing the past years, it will be a different one as she is doing it for a good cause in helping a cancer victim named MIO.

Anyone can help Mio and those who will also participate in this cause will have the chance to win one of these cambridge sachets that she already purchased. Glo is very generous and kind hearted, no wonder she’s so successful in life.

If you want to join this birthday raffle with a cause just check out Glo’s birthday raffle mechanics here .

Orange Satchel

Pink Satchel

Yellow Satchel

Yellow Satchel

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