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Monday, September 18, 2017

Keeping Your Baby Comfortable While Travelling

Travelling is sometimes nerve-wrecking, moreso when you’re travelling with a baby. The planning, packing and rigors of the trip are enough to send some parents over the edge. Babies require a lot of comfort and care therefore you have to be sufficiently prepared for the trip in order to be able to pay attention to your little one.

That being said, It is always wise to pack your stuff a day before the trip, ensuring that all necessary items like diapers and wipes, formula, change of clothes, blankets, bibs and strollers, as well as light entertainment tools for your baby are placed in your hand luggage for easy access. You should be able to get what you need without inconveniencing other passengers or spending too much time and effort.

If you are travelling by plane then you won’t be able to have liquids on board so it is recommended that you prepare the dry formula in your baby’s bottle or cup beforehand then request for water when necessary. Ensure you follow your baby’s feeding schedule to prevent hunger-induced tantrums.

Do not be daunted by the fears of travelling with your baby. Infuse as much fun as you can and make great memories you will look back on with happiness. For more tips on preparing for a plane trip with an infant, see the infographic.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strengthen Family Ties

I grew up with a strong family ties and I’m so happy about it. I guess we all aim to have a happy family where there is love, respect and support for each other. Sure there are times when there is misunderstanding or arguments but those are really normal for every family. Each member should be open for reconciliation because at the end of the day you’re still a family that will help each other in times of trouble.

As a family, you need to learn how to bond with each other. Here are some few things to strengthen family ties.
1. Spend more quality time with each other. Read books together, sing, laugh and talk to each other.
2. Create memories. Make a project together. Draw, make clay pots or anything that can keep you all bonded.
3. Eat together at the same time so you can catch up on each other’s activities.
4. Watch movies, shop etc.
5. Travel as a family and you’ll see the beauty of the place more and you’ll create more beautiful happy memories.

We should also learn to forgive each other’s misgivings. Teach your kids good values so when they grow up they will do the right things that you teach them.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Having Too Many Kids

I’ve been hearing lots of stories about poor couples living in slums and yet they have 6, 7, 8, 9 or even 12 kids !! Oh my goodness me, how can a couple raise their big family when they only have exact amount of money to buy foods in a day? Oh dear, I’m sad and disturbed as well to think that these days, raising a small family with 2 kids is already hard how much more if you have 12 mouths to feed?

It will not end there, when they grow up, how can you support their education? Even if we have government schools where there is no tuition fee, parents should still need to give them money for snacks and for their projects. With that kind of situation, kids are left at the house or worst in the streets to beg or steal. Some parents ask their children to get used plastics and cartons to sell. There are many families all over the country who are experiencing such misfortune.

I hope parents should be responsible enough. If they can’t afford to have a big family then don’t have too many kids because the children are very much affected. They really need to know about family planning. Just my two cents …

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What to Put in Kids Backpacks for a Picnic

A picnic is a grand occasion for any adolescent, and most children will carry their supplies in their backpacks. If your child doesn't have a backpack yet, it may be time for you to purchase one. Using several strategies, you can obtain an inexpensive kids backpack. If anything, just ask one of your friends for ideas. There are plenty of kid backpacks available at affordable prices, especially online.

backpackEverything you need for a picnic can fit in a backpack. Your child can carry ear buds and other personal toiletries. Don't forget to put in soap and a hand towel. How about the cell phone? If your child doesn't have his own, you should put important phone numbers inside the backpack.

Since your child may be far from home, it's wise to prepare for emergencies. A good idea would be to pack a first aid kit and some basic medicine. If the picnic includes hiking, pack toilet paper. There's no guarantee a public bathroom will be handy or have it in stock.

Kids may need to eat before they leave for the picnic so they have the energy to trudge to any place during the picnic. You can pack all their favorite foods in the backpack. If you pick a compact and light pack, your child can carry her own supplies for the picnic. Ensure your child carries a bottle or more of water and some healthy snacks to replenished lost energy. This can cut down on complaining while you're on your way to the picnic spot.

If the child is picnicking overnight, then he needs to carry his nightclothes and a pair of clean undergarments. If it's cold at night, he needs to carry winter clothing, such as woolen sweaters, scarves, woolen caps, and a blanket. He can also carry his toys to play with and books to read during the picnic in the backpack.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Securing Her Children's Future

My bestfriend has been in the workforce for many years now and with lots of prayers she finally decided to leave her 9-5 work last year. I think she made the right decision to quit her job since she is not happy with it anymore. Since she’s also working online, it’s also a good opportunity for her to concentrate on it and at the same time she can also take care of her family.

Staying at home while working is a big responsibility and I often hear from her that she needs to attend to a meeting at her children’s school, buy them some school stuff, errand here and there. I think she’s busier right now but I know she enjoys it. She can also manage their finances well unlike when she’s working in the office and there are times she can save a little for their children’s future.

It’s always the thinking of parents to secure their future and my friend is no exception. She also wish to have a business and invest on something and I’m sure she can consider investing on gold coins as well. Gold is known to be more stable than paper currency and have good value.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Over Protective

I know every parent will do their best to protect their children at all times but being over protective can also do harm to their children.

Let me share a little story. It was snack time this afternoon and my nephew who is already almost 12 years old ( 1st yr. highschool) was on the other computer and I thought of asking him to buy me a drink at a nearby store. His mom heard it and told me, "ay  'wag, ako na lang ang bibili" (no, i will just buy it). I asked her how come? She said he might stumble on his way. Oh my goodness! How can he learn?

To tell you the truth, I can't even recall an instance where he ride a jeepney  or go to the store for an errand all by himself.  At his age, he needs to grow up. But in fairness to his parents, they've been encouraging him to do things on his own but the poor kid is till afraid bec. he's been shielded all these years.

I just hope he'll learn to be more courageous and independent.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Kids Get Cranky

I can hear my niece crying outside, I am guessing she wants something but her parents won't give it to her. I know there are parents who would give in to what their kids want most of the times to spare them from seeing them cry or get cranky while other parents would not allow them for fear of getting their kids spoiled.

I am not a parent yet so I don't know how will I react when if I will have my own kid but judging with how my sis in law treats it, there are times that they give in especially if it allowable but most of the times, I can hear my SIL nagging. There is also some instances that she can hit them because she told me so that they will learn. Hmmm..

What about you what do you do when your kids get cranky about something?

Monday, August 24, 2009

It Pays Off When You Study Well

I always remind my nieces and nephews to make good in their studies as it will bring them to many places. Their parents also are working hard so that they can study in a private schools and that they should not waste this precious opportunity.

Though they may have heard lots of advices from their parents about studying and all, I just wish they can squeeze in their minds all the beautiful advices that they are giving because it is for their own good. Some are in college while others are in their elementary grades. I wish they will be like my cousins as well who are engineering and architecture graduates. One has even mastered cad drawing and is very useful in his works. I wish all students will have the enthusiasm to work hard, if not they are just wasting their time.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let The Kids Play Outside

my niece and nephews playing outside with water during a hot summer day

When we were kids, my sister and I would usually play chinese garter, piko, paper dolls, bahay-bahayan and more. You'd also see us often especially during summer vacations at the tree top where we make a makeshift "house" where we can stay to have a chat or even have a snack.

A day at the grass field where we can run and play . Wow I can still picture those beautiful days in my mind and oh boy we were so carefree and happy that time.

These days, you can see most of the kids just playing computer games, dress up games for girls, playstations, wii and other non-physical games. Though it can help stimulate their minds, it's also important for them to have physical activities. Let them play in your backyard, get dirty and explore new things that they can't normally encounter in front of the computer. In this way, they can discover new things, be active and learn to appreciate what it is like to play outside.

What about you what's your fave games when you where kids?