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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What to Put in Kids Backpacks for a Picnic

A picnic is a grand occasion for any adolescent, and most children will carry their supplies in their backpacks. If your child doesn't have a backpack yet, it may be time for you to purchase one. Using several strategies, you can obtain an inexpensive kids backpack. If anything, just ask one of your friends for ideas. There are plenty of kid backpacks available at affordable prices, especially online.

backpackEverything you need for a picnic can fit in a backpack. Your child can carry ear buds and other personal toiletries. Don't forget to put in soap and a hand towel. How about the cell phone? If your child doesn't have his own, you should put important phone numbers inside the backpack.

Since your child may be far from home, it's wise to prepare for emergencies. A good idea would be to pack a first aid kit and some basic medicine. If the picnic includes hiking, pack toilet paper. There's no guarantee a public bathroom will be handy or have it in stock.

Kids may need to eat before they leave for the picnic so they have the energy to trudge to any place during the picnic. You can pack all their favorite foods in the backpack. If you pick a compact and light pack, your child can carry her own supplies for the picnic. Ensure your child carries a bottle or more of water and some healthy snacks to replenished lost energy. This can cut down on complaining while you're on your way to the picnic spot.

If the child is picnicking overnight, then he needs to carry his nightclothes and a pair of clean undergarments. If it's cold at night, he needs to carry winter clothing, such as woolen sweaters, scarves, woolen caps, and a blanket. He can also carry his toys to play with and books to read during the picnic in the backpack.