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Friday, September 10, 2010

Securing Her Children's Future

My bestfriend has been in the workforce for many years now and with lots of prayers she finally decided to leave her 9-5 work last year. I think she made the right decision to quit her job since she is not happy with it anymore. Since she’s also working online, it’s also a good opportunity for her to concentrate on it and at the same time she can also take care of her family.

Staying at home while working is a big responsibility and I often hear from her that she needs to attend to a meeting at her children’s school, buy them some school stuff, errand here and there. I think she’s busier right now but I know she enjoys it. She can also manage their finances well unlike when she’s working in the office and there are times she can save a little for their children’s future.

It’s always the thinking of parents to secure their future and my friend is no exception. She also wish to have a business and invest on something and I’m sure she can consider investing on gold coins as well. Gold is known to be more stable than paper currency and have good value.