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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MBA Information Technology Management

We all can’t wait for my nephew to finish his course in IT. Actually, it’s been taking him quite a long time already because he’s been missing some of his subjects due to his work. Yeah, he’s been studying and accepting works as well and maybe that’s the reason why he can’t take full load on his subjects.

I know that by the time he’s graduate, more works will be pouring on him but we all just hope and pray that he needs to concentrate on his studies first and let the work be the second choice. In fact, when he’s already an IT professional, he can even enroll an mba management technology online to get more good credentials on his shoulders. It can also be the key to a position that he could not even imagined once he has a good edge.

Well, we’re all hopeful that he’d be more focused on his studies and not let the work, game developing and even computers games hinder him from attaining a college degree and an mba management technology degree.