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Monday, July 11, 2011

Jazz Up Your Homes with Bi Fold Doors

I’ve been living with my mom in our house for many years now that was built 2 decades ago. It was still on its tip-top shape but I guess it also needs a make-over since the style is already outdate. If money will not be an issue, I also want to have it re-painted inside and out and that includes the roofing. I know it will require a substantial amount of money and hard labor but I’m praying that I can have it done before the year ends.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own house someday but I’m not sure if that dream will soon become a reality. My sister already had built their new house in Sydney and I’m so happy for her. It was both her and my BIL’s dream house and I reckon they love every minute staying their with their family.

How’d I wish to have a house like theirs, very spacious and neat. Her husband made it sure to put the best materials and furniture in the house. I can’t wait to see and visit their house when I come there for fold doors

Anyway, whilst going through some inspirations online, I can’t help myself to admire beautiful houses built so neatly. Went through the gallery of Clear Span and these houses with bi fold doors caught my attention as it not only can let the light and air come in generously but also made it more spacious when folded. Perfect when you entertain guests all the time in your home as you can easily open it up on the backyard for your barbeque time and more.

These doors fold in or fold out in the areas where you wanted it to be installed. It can also serve as a divider and can jazz up your homes, making it more functional.

bi fold doors