Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music Lover

Dr Dre Headphones I always see my nephew with headphones on his head everytime I come to visit their house. It looks to me that he enjoys music while working in front of his computer. I just wished that he is not putting the audio into full blast for it is not advisable by doctors. We can only tolerate certain amounts of sounds and if in excess, it can already affect our hearing. Much to say that using them for long periods of time every day is also harmful.

Anyway, one time, I asked what he is into and he mentioned me that he is also mixing sound music and helping his cousin with the music on the online game that he is making. Wow, I never thought that he is also blessed with that music talent. Now, I know what to give him this Christmas, an HD Dr Dre Headphones would be perfect for him. I learn that this headphone has an extraordinary deep bass and audio clarity that can give quality music.

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