Friday, July 8, 2011

Customizable Toolbars by Zugo LTD

My bestfriend is back to the corporate world once again. After leaving her old job for 2 years, finally she decided to try to give it a try again since a friend of hers offered the job for her. I guess she is also missing her work in the office and of course with the increasing life’s expenses that’s why she grabbed that opportunity

Her new line of work is into communications where the company of her boss is distributing equipments in the tele-communications industry. The company was still new and of course just like any other company it needs a little boost in terms of branding and marketing. It has come to their knowledge that not only putting a website, blog and joining social networking sites that can help but also creating their own toolbar.

I guess they’re going to try customizable toolbars and start pages of Zugo LTD eventhough there are some not so good speculations about the toolbar. Zugo toolbars are actually free from spyware and malware and they are not threat to any user’s computers. In fact, it is easier to install and can even uninstall if you wish. With many people going online to search, the toolbar can make browsing and searching easier

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