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Friday, July 15, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

I was brought down memory lane when I happened to find some old photos of my dad and of us when my siblings and I were still kids. We seldom spend time with him as he's always stationed on different far provinces due to his work. Mostly, he comes home during weekends and that is the only time we can bond together to eat out, shop or even just staying inside the house.

Dad was not here anymore for over 20 years now and of course there's no doubt that I missed him. In fact, I still dreamed about him from time to time and wishing he's still with us to see what we have turned out.

There’s no Father’s Day or his birthday that we can’t remember him and if he’s still alive I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy looking for gift ideas for dad too. There are actually many gift ideas that I saw online like cooler bag, mouse pad, solar powered system, watch case, and lots more.