Saturday, June 11, 2011

Working at the Garden Office

Been talking to another highschool friend via messenger couple of weeks ago and she can’t help but to be jealous of what I do because I work at home. She’s been working in the corporate world for over a decade now and the thought of resigning is slowly creeping on her. I reckon she’s not happy with the office set up and the monotonous things that she’s been doing for the past years. A change of work and atmosphere will definitely bring her back to life. She planned of just working at home or have her own business. In that way, she can look after her family and business at the same time. It seems like a very good plan and I’m just hoping that one day, she’ll be out of the corporate world and be her own boss.

I also have couple of online friends that left their office career and just work at home. Been hearing from them about the many benefits that they gained when they resigned from work. Aside from getting freedom to choose what time they want to work at the comforts of their home, rearing their kids well, being a wife and mother are the best opportunities that they had.

These days, working at home is not new already as there are many people choosing to bring their works at home or already opted to stay at home to work. There’s so many benefits that you can gain when you choose this kind of set up. Not only you can minimize dealing with the daily traffic, annoying colleagues or office stress but you can also save money because you’re not using your car anymore. Some may opt to allocate a room at their home to be their office and from there they can work. I reckon, it’s practical and also money saving.

The idea of having your own office within the vicinity of your home is already achievable. Recently, building a garden office in your backyard is one of the hottest trends in modern home improvement. How can you not work effectively when you have a beautiful work area fronting your garden? It can give you peace and tranquility that you normally can’t get when you’re inside the cubicle of your office building aside from the fact that you are only few steps away from your home.

Garden office and patio designers/builders  can offer you wide range designs, styles and ideas. With their professional and skilled staff, they can build a functional and stylish garden office for their clients. Owning a garden office can be a good investment too apart from making you productive and relax. I wish that my friend could also experience how it is to work at home just like me and my other online friends are enjoying.

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