Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally It’s Gone

It’s been how many days that I’m under the weather. I’ve been taking some cold medicines for days now and thankfully I'm getting better. The changing weather seems to have affected my health and eventhough I didn’t get so sick, having colds and cough are already uncomfortable and made me become too lazy to work.

Aside from that, the continues rains had out internet to lost it’s signal once in a while. I guess all the antennas that are connected on our base station are also affected. Just few hours earlier, I thought that the signal will completely be gone but as soon as I have reset the antenna it was back to normal again.

I learned that the storm that hits other portions of the country is gone already but a new low pressure area is seen to be coming in again. I’m not surprise anymore since it’s already rainy seasons already, we just hope that it will not be destructive like Ondoy. Sis is coming home for vacation this week and praying for their safe flight back home too.

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