Monday, June 27, 2011

The Games He Plays

Teenage nephew is already hooked on computer games and I don’t think he’d stop doing that. After coming to school and on his free time, I always see him in front of their computer either browsing Facebook or playing games. The usual games that he plays are Cross fire and Special Force which are tactical games and I’m not sure if there are eotech 512 holographic sights feature included in it. Though he plays those games, he’s not abandoning his studies for his parents will definitely ban him from using the computer. Worst is he can be grounded for few days if he’ll not follow his parent’s advices.
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Sad to say though that there are some students who are already addicted to computer games that sometimes they are already skipping school, lying to their parents and doing other bad vices. I hope they’ll realize that playing computer games is only a pastime and should not become their way of life.

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