Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ang PINAKA: Notorious na Kriminal- Notorious Criminal in the Philippines

ANG PINAKA: TV show over at QTV 11 listed yet another interesting theme for this week and it's about Ang PINAKA: Notorious na Kriminal (Philippines) - Notorious Criminal in the Philippines based on PNP"s Most Wanted List
10. Eduardo "Boy" Iran- eduardoiran aka BOY MUSLIM - killer of opposition Evelio Javier
9. Cezar de Guzman aka Kabesa - hired killer of Mayor Resuello of San Carlos City
8. Ustadz Haber Malik-murderer, MNLF member
7. Corey Dickpus- coreydickpus_gif

rolandofajardo haroldfajardo
6.  Rolando and

5.  Harold Lumbres Fajardo  (brothers)-
notorious kidnap for ransom group members - Reward Php 1,0000.00
4. Jose Ma. "Bong" Sarmiento Panlilio- robbery homicide - Reward: Php 5 millionjose ma sarmiento panlilio
3. Alim Solaiman Pangalian - Reward PHP 5  million

2. Ameril Umbra Kato -ameril umbra kato Reward: Php 10 million
1. Al Hadz Abdullah Macapaar - Commander Bravo : Reward Php 10 million

Any information regarding these criminals you can report to the authorities.

THE PNP 24-HOUR HOTLINES: (02) 722-2353 / (02) 722-9587

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