Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They Love It!

So I found myself holding cooking utensils lately. Hmmmm and that is good. Ever since I changed my working schedule at home I was able to cook dishes for our lunch almost everyday. It's a good sign actually because I can cook and eat what I crave for.

I've been getting and printing recipes online and have tried some of them and fortunately it was all good.  This means that we are going to eat sumptuous meals each day, I hope we don't need any fat burner anytime soon.

I'm leaning towards cooking dishes with sauces. I cooked beef with broccoli yesterday and today I cooked sweet and sour chicken and my family just loved it. My bro even told me that is delicious and I need to to cook it again in the future. Ahhh nice to hear those words. I hope they will not blame me if they get fat from eating too much hehe.

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