Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Sensitivity to Smoke

I woke up yesterday morning with a bad mood, aside from pmsing it is because of the smoke that I am smelling. I knew right away that someone made a fire out of dead leaves and garbage once again because I can see the thick smoke when I peeped in my window.

I rushed out of my bed and told my mom and SIL that I hate that smell and it tuned out that my mom is the one who did I told mom that it's not good for the environment and of course not good for us esp. me who hates smokes. I looked around the house and oh boy our house is like on clouds because of the smoke. That make me more angry..

One day I will also ask our neighbor to refrain also from making fire. I'm really sensitive to smoke, whether it be from cigarette, vehicles or wood fire, you'll often see me covering my nose everytime I smell any.

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