Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bag Lover

Oh yeah, I'm definitely a bag lover ever since!

I remember when I was in highschool and in college, I've been always purchasing bags that most of the times I am wearing different kinds of bag everyday. During that time, brand names or designer bags are not my priority, I just buy bag regardless of the brand as long as I like the color and the style.

My fondness in bags never stopped there, right now as I age I'm leaning more towards leather bags that I know will last for many years now. I already love Coach, Nine West and Cole Haan's leather bags that everytime I see them my heart is pounding and I'm itching to have one.

Just today, I already got the Coach leather bag that I bought in e-Bay last January and I just love how the leather feels and smells I know I will use it for many years and I think I want another one. I saw BCBG Max Azria bags online and I'm not that familiar with the brand but saw some nice styles. I'm not sure I'll buy one cuz I want another Coach or a Cole Haan bags.

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