Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life is Too Short

Yeeehah... It's a brand new year for all of us and maybe some of us have New Year's resolution that they wanted to do. Well for me, I don;t really make resolutions because I know I can't keep them anyway hehe. I'll get let things flow naturally and just decide which is better and what are the things that I need to change in me. Right now, I have no concrete future plans yet but I'll be praying that another overseas Asian trip will come our way.

Life is too short and we need to enjoy it. Just like my mom said, she'll go anywhere now as long as she can still ride the airplane and go on a trip. Ok, with that trip in mind once again I need to keep working hard this year if I want to shell out some money again. If you like going on a trip or buying an LCD TV or maybe a Slingbox, a new car or a designer bag, we just need to work hard for it to get it.

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