Saturday, June 2, 2012

Symphony in the Rain

Ahhhh.. it rained hard last night brought about by the ‘Ambo’, the 1st typhoon here in the country this year. I woke around 12 midnight due to the sound of the rain, gusty wind and the symphony of toads around. They are singing endlessly trying to catch a mate during this rainy season. What a nice sound to hear but it’s getting annoying later on. With that I guess I went back to sleep at 2 pm already.

This morning is the same, I can hear them loudly and it reminds me also of the music I heard when I was at the mall on weekend. It’s was soothing and beautiful.  I passed by a music store, trying to find Elixir guitar strings for my nephew who is playing the guitar and thankfully I got some for he asked me to buy it for him. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be hearing a lot of symphony of frogs since rainy season has just started.

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