Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm Isang Left Me & Others Stranded

How can I forget yesterday?

I could not leave our house because It was raining real hard yesterday morning but I still went ahead as I have to pay some bills. It was about almost 12 noon when I am heading back to my shop but the continuous rain made our street flooded. The jeepney that I was in didn't want to drive across the floods so he gave my money back to I can ride another one.

I boarded another jeepney but the driver saw the deep floods ahead so all passengers are then instructed to go down. Arghhhh.. I don't want to walk in the floods so I decided to wait for a while. Finally after waiting for about half an hour, a brave jeepney driver drove through the floods and finally I reached our place. It will flood easily here in our place if there is a continues rains.

My nephew on the other hand, went to Manila and was on his way home round 5 pm when he got stranded. Nothing to ride he decided to walk till he reached the place where buses are there. He managed to squeeze himself in the bus and he got home at 11 pm. YAY!

Floods everywhere!! No classes in NCR right now and other parts of the nation. It's raining still, cold and gloomy. What a nice weather to sip hot soup and laze around.

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