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Monday, October 1, 2012

Connecting Everyone All in One Place

These, many people have been using the Internet to do almost anything. From the simple reading of e-mails to online banking, the Internet has become part of our lives already. Every morning, while I’m having my warm mug of chocolate or my fave ginger tea, I always read my mails on my phone and that became a habit already. Later on, I’ll transfer to my desktop to continue checking my mails and my social networking site accounts. I’ll do all of them before I start to work.

It’s also amazing to see long lost friends and relatives and re-connect with them through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’m sure you have already tried searching for a friend, former classmates or relatives on Facebook just like what I did before. I have found some while others seem to be out of reach.

With all the social networking accounts that we have, I guess some people have a hard time jumping from one site to another to check all them. I just found that, can connect all our social networks, blogging sites and online email accounts all in one place. It’s also a good place to find other people that you wanted to have a connection again. Furthermore, you can also see people who’ve been searching for you as well.

I guess with all the innovation on the way people connect and find each other, more people will be re-connected and much faster and easier now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Social Networking Sites and Me

I'm pretty sure that you already have lots of different accounts on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and lots more. I remember my very first account is on Friendster few years back and I'm not sure if anyone is still using the site to socialize as I have deleted my account there for few years now. A friend of mine is encouraging me to Facebook when it started or became a hit but I declined. At first, I thought it was just a waste of time looking at someone else's account, pictures or I was never really interested, haha.. arte ko pa

I always see my SIL open her account and showed me some pictures if her friends and families and would you believe that one of my cousin is her friend already. After seeing pictures of my cousin whom I have not seen in many many years in Facebook that's the only time that I decided to create an account at Facebook. So it was on only February 8, 2010 when I joined Facebook. A late bloomer huh.. hehe..

After creating an account I was able to reconnect to my relatives in the US and some parts of the world. I even found my long lost friends way back in college. Groups and Forums are very helpful as well, not only I get to interact with friends and relatives, I  also met new friends and bloggers. I also have twitter account where I can interact with my friends and sister. It's a venue for me to rant sometimes.

Now, I'm very thankful for social networking sites for it reconnected me to my friends and relatives. Even if I have an account at Facebook, twitter, Instagram, it doesn't mean that I will just add anyone in my account. I only add friends or people that I know.. (pili pa nga eh ), you know..

How about you, how has social networking changed your life?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anything Under the Sun

I've been using twitter for the last 3 years now and I have to say that it has become a secret haven for my online friends. We had our accounts in private so we're able to chat or talk just about anything under the sun. There are times the topic is about shopping, which we all love!, our hobby digital scrapbooking, parenting bec. most of my friend are mommies, love and relationship, work, health, make up, even return of premium life insurance plus so many other topics that we can think of.

I just so love my circle of twitter friends as they are not only my friend online but in real live as well. We are supportive of each other whenever one needs help or uplifting. I thank God for having found these ladies, though we may have different opinions, likes and dislike but in the end we are for each other.