Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Missed the Fun

A highschool friend sent a message yesterday while I was busy with some works and going in and out of my computer shop to run some errands. She told me that a highschool classmate of ours came home from Japan for a brief vacation and ask them to be with him in a dinner at one of the restaurants.

They'll be going out for dinner and watch a band and she told me that she'll just text me the venue and the time later. Geesh, I didn't know that she was texting me and even called me on my cellphone that night asking me to come but too bad I didn't hear her text and call because my cellphone was inside my bag. It was only this morning when I saw her text and missed call.

Anyway, saw their photos at facebook and I got envy because I missed the fun. There are tons of food and the guys looked so full after eating their meal. I should have teased them that need best fat burners for men if they've eaten too much. I hope I can attend next time if there's another gathering and I just hope that they'll advise me ahead of time so I can prepare.

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