Monday, September 20, 2010

Her Mommy Duties

Saturday is always the day where my SIL usually do their laundry. Since she is too meticulous when it comes to how their clothes are washed most especially the white uniforms of her kids, she decided not to hire a laundry woman to do the job. She wants to do it by herself so that she'll sure it is clean according to her standards.

She's a semi-SAHM mom because she also works twice a week in the office and don't have a househelp so she has no other choice but to do all the house chores. With all the mommy duties that she needs to fulfill, sometimes it leaves her with aching joints and muscles and might already need a msm supplement or increase her calcium intake to keep her going. Sometimes, I want to salute mommies our their who'll do anything for their family.

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