Monday, October 19, 2009

Thinking of Moving My other Blogs to WP

I only started to have 2 of my Wordpress blogs hosted at Godaddy and Blue Host this year. I’ve been longing to have a blog in Wordpress and finally my nephew taught me how to use it and willingly enough to accommodate me on his server. I have no technical expertise on that one so I gave him the full authority to host it for me.

I am quite used with blogger and other domain host so moving to WP is kinda different for me. There are times also that I wanted to move my other domain blogs in different format to Wordpress knowing that my nephew is there to help me anyway. I remember one time I mess up one of the settings in this blog that my blog became unavailable for about a day. My nephew fixed it and told me not to tinker with the

Anyway, I think WP is more flexible in a lot of aspect that’s why many are blogging in this format. I’m still weighing things if I can move my other blogs without a glitch. I’m just too afraid that I will lose all the posts that I have and I have to make a back up then. Just in case you don’t have a blog yet, i think now is the time to get one. Read this best asp web hosting , it might help you in your host search and more.

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