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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches but unfortunately, people is the one making it dirty by throwing or leaving garbage in the area. We need to be responsible enough to take care of our waste not just in beach or tourist spots area but within our homes too.

Now, that we experienced flooding in many areas because storms and even monsoon rains, we need to think twice when we throw our garbage just anywhere because it will practically come back to us in no time.

This is a campaign by :

Footprints Project ( where they envisions the Philippines with a healthy, sustainable and successful tourism enjoyed, promoted, and guarded by a people who are environmentally conscious, friendly, and responsible.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City

The phone rings.... I answered the phone and I heard a male voice asking if he can speak to my niece (he stated the complete name) . Thinking it was a very important call from her University, I immediately called my niece.Minutes later, my niece who looks puzzled at that time relayed to me about who called and what they have talked about.

She told me that a certain RUSTAN MANALAD from the US Biotechnology firm located at the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City was looking for 2-3 young professionals to help manage their business (sounds doubtful already!!).

She was asked to exchanged cellphone nos. (she gave different no.), wear business attire and go to that address in Pasig on a certain date so that they can talk about the business in details. My niece was asking more questions but the caller told it was only a 3min call.

Right after that, I told her I sense that there is something fishy here bec. since other details are not given. She was kinda baffled because the caller knows her number, her high school details and other stuff.

We immediately researched the said company but nothing appeared so we are assured that it doesn't exist. We then researched for the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City and oh gosh there are lots results that appeared. It was actually the address of a different company. Poor thing they are using that address.

We read that they were asked to sell something or do some pyramiding schemes. Crap, good thing is that my niece didn't go there plus we'll never allow her to go there.