Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is This Your Baby Aunt Jen?

Every night, after dinner time, it's already my routine to go to my brother's house which is beside our house (duplex) not just to play around with our cute dog Sophie but to play with my niece Reign as well.

Knowing Reign to be so talkative and curious, I didn't marvel anymore when one night when she was about 4 or 5 at that time she asked me this:
Reign: "Is This Your Baby Aunt Jen?" (putting her head and hands on my stomach)
I laughed so loud that I replied
Me: Why do you say so?
Reign: "Look, your tummy is big and for sure you have a baby inside but where is your husband and when is your baby coming out?"
Laughing hard, I told her that I am not pregnant and what she saw is just a big tummy full of fats.. LOL !! Up to this day, she still insists that I have a baby and she even suggested names.


  1. cute nmn ni reign.
    lagot ka kailangan mo gawan ng paraan yan. baka madisappoint sya. mwehehehe. ^-^
    joke! :)

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  2. Hi Jen, am 24 months pregnant! For sure your neice will tell me the same. lol!

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  3. bwahaha! ang kulit ni reign! lol!

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