Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City

The phone rings.... I answered the phone and I heard a male voice asking if he can speak to my niece (he stated the complete name) . Thinking it was a very important call from her University, I immediately called my niece.Minutes later, my niece who looks puzzled at that time relayed to me about who called and what they have talked about.

She told me that a certain RUSTAN MANALAD from the US Biotechnology firm located at the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City was looking for 2-3 young professionals to help manage their business (sounds doubtful already!!).

She was asked to exchanged cellphone nos. (she gave different no.), wear business attire and go to that address in Pasig on a certain date so that they can talk about the business in details. My niece was asking more questions but the caller told it was only a 3min call.

Right after that, I told her I sense that there is something fishy here bec. since other details are not given. She was kinda baffled because the caller knows her number, her high school details and other stuff.

We immediately researched the said company but nothing appeared so we are assured that it doesn't exist. We then researched for the 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City and oh gosh there are lots results that appeared. It was actually the address of a different company. Poor thing they are using that address.

We read that they were asked to sell something or do some pyramiding schemes. Crap, good thing is that my niece didn't go there plus we'll never allow her to go there.



    u might want to see this site to verify the company. sometimes it's really scarry to just believe what u have heard or read from unknown source. verify first and be careful.

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  2. Thanks for the comment Annalyn but with my niece's experience the guy who called never said it was NU skin co. He gave a different company that never exist (we googled the co. and no results found) and he using nu skin's address and that is shady already.

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  3. gee.. good thing I researched. that's why the girl that I talked to didn't even mention a company name. she just gave me the address to go to. I was supposed to go there earlier today. And I even asked for me to have a rescheduled appointment. thanks. :)

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  4. hi, i was invited earlier today..but i was asked to go to 16th flr. of the same details was given aside from it will be a part timejob where i would need to go under qualifying process first. do you guys think it is the sane thing?

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  5. I met one nice lady when I was at Megamall and she approached me.She asked where I worked and told her I recently resigned from my job. She told me to go to 15th floor Octagon Building as there was a job opening and I asked what the company was and she said that it was a multinational company. She never mentioned the name of the company but I felt something was not right. I searched on the internet and found out what 15th floor Octagon Bldg was offering for YUPs. After reading all the comments I felt glad I did not go to Octagon Bldg.
    Thank God for the internet! To all young professionals out there please be vigilant!

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  6. NuSkin is in China, I just joined NuSkin China yesterday. It seems like a solid program and I am starting to love NuSkin China.
    .-= NuSkin China´s last blog ..Nuskin China Are you absolutely sure this is the best opportunity for you? =-.

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  7. I was not born yesterday! Thank God there is such thing as Internet.

    In my case, it was a bitch who called... company name? Global Business Solutions! There are more than 10,000 companies that are named after this bloody company name so I search for the address... 15th Floor Octagon Building...

    Please be ware of this... if you don't want to ruin your future

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  8. a guy called me. his name is marlon ilagan he used this number 09189125782 to call me earlier today. he said he is part of a US company who needs someone who can help them to train and prepare their employees. he said, he is the senior executive officer and that he needs a junior executive officer... im not sure if its a fake... but it sure did mess up my mind...

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  9. this number called me 09228975690..he said that price water house coopers , an international auditing firm is in need of part timer auditor..i was scheduled this coming saturday .. what can u say about that? should i go there?

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  10. There is this lady calling tirelessly for several times i was told that they need professionals for their business her name was Necie Velasquez (anyone familiar with her name) and also she said that she had executives to interview me.. Im being puzzled by how come she didnt even ask for a resume if they need professional im schedule to be interviewd today this afternoon.

    Thank God I tried to look to the address of this building and found out that this is a fraud.


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  11. beware to this no. 09391588048, his name is nestor. he knows a lot of me.. I know that there is a group who search to the net about my personal information. I decided to delete all the details and my info to my face book and friendster account.

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  12. I have an appointment tomorrow and good thing i searched hard on this company. They told me the company's name is Phyto Pharmaceutical Company based in the US. I searched on the WWW and there was no listing of the said company. I felt confused thinking that someone must be playing games on me but i wasn't sure. Maybe it is a new company, i said to myself.

    I really don't want to go there without any knowledge about the company, so i searched thoroughly. I was also thinking about visiting the place this afternoon to make sure that i wont be late tomorrow. So i referred to the address that the lady gave me and it didn't match anything. She said Robinsons savings bank building and mentioned about amethyst and San antonio. I searched on google map and found out it was octagon bldg. Maybe, just maybe she didn't want to mention octagon bldg because she knew i can easily get access to these posts.

    The woman was a sweet/ bitchy talker. She was good about manipulating me but didn't even answer any of my questions straight. Before she hung up on me she told me "Since you are from ___ school, I'm not expecting you to cancel on your appointment on the day itself." What the fucK! I was being pressured a bit to find out that she was a scammer. DARN!!

    Thank you guys! I was relieved from this riddle.

    This is the number 09329878229, she introduced herself as Salve. She also mentioned that i look for Mr. Daniel Laogon.

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  13. This is in reply to Eduard’s message posted 3/10/2010, the Philippine member firm of the PricewaterhouseCoopers global network is not looking for part-time auditors. The number you provided is not used by the Human Resources Department of this firm. Visit to get correct information about this firm’s vacancies.

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  14. hi ive just received a phone call from a certain kevin ocoma he told me that he is looking for young professionals to do a part time job in there company there company is project based. he then asked me if im working i told the name of the company im working with then he told me to go there office bring id

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  15. I just got a call from a woman named Nikki. Gave me the same line she gave Cat. “Since you are from ___ school, I’m not expecting you to cancel on your appointment on the day itself." that one and that she expects me to be on time and i sound very professional on the phone.

    i find this funny because i was in that same building, on the same floor about a month ago. she said the name of the company is Bio photonic international. That floor is owed by Nu Skin Philippines. The biophotonic scanner is a product. it was introduced to us when i went over to that building. Nu Skin is owned by Pharmanex. Although, i find it weird that no resume is asked for.

    When you get there, you will be shown a presentation of what their products are. it really is interesting if you are willing to take a risk in purchasing something from them then selling the product. its not a guaranteed income as you actually have to work hard to sell the product.

    although it would be good if they give the name of the company itself and not the product. just cancelled my appointment as i already know what they are going to ask of me. not really interested in those things

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  16. A lady called me yesterday and told me that I was reffered by University of the ____ where I graduated.
    I have an initial appointment tomorrow 1:30 pm.
    I was instructed to wear office attire ,bring ID and go to 15th flr Octagon Building and find the project director to discuss the salary,schedule,etc.
    Im hired without any assessment and resume??????Something is wrong...
    I asked the name of the company but the girl did not answer any of my queries.Now im relly confused but after reading all your comments I'm relieved.
    thank's guy for the info.I will not go there anymore.
    Beware young professionals.

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  17. ..there was such same call i received from a guy just recently..he asked for a brief 3min talk bec. he was in a hurry..offering a part time job..just 8-10 hours ___? he did not mentioned or elaborated 8-10 hours what? was it a day?or every week?
    i was quite confused though coz' i was told to come to their office at 15th floor, Robinson bank, san miguel ave. ortigas..i'm not familiar with the place bec. im not from name of company mentioned.. he told me to bring an I.D, and on office/business attire..i should not be late..bec. its an american company..of course..i its quite overwhelming though to think that without applying or submitting a resume, i was scheduled already for an interview..and if i qualify, the compensation would be high..

    really 'twas tempting..until i've decided to check it out on the internet then "shoot!"..

    i found these comments..jeez..tsk tsk such a caller!

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  18. ..cont..

    ..according to the caller he got my profile on my previous IELTS exam..he knows my full name..and i have a "slot"..maybe job slot??..nice shot..he even used IELTS as a bait..and he almost got me..

    he talks fast and in a loud voice that i cannot comprehend well with what he was saying..hmm think 'twas one of their strategy.. and "in a hurry" "3min call only" so that the receiver will not be able to ask questions..

    the call ended with me wondering..what was that all about.. all i know was that the salary is quite an amount.. deceiver!

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  19. Smarter than they though June 7, 2010 at 4:10 AM

    I also received a call just today and her name was Salve Labastida.. she knew where I worked and the university i came from..

    i am extremely dubious about people offering easy money and showing you that you're special and you were granted a position without me even applying there..

    she said the address is 15th floor robinson savings bank amethyst drive, corner san antonio ortigas.. she asked me to bring a valid ID, be in office attire and to be professional and not cancel the meeting..

    after reading this post I texted her and told her I know this is the company of Nu Skin and that I wasnt interested and want to cancel the meeting.

    They stopped contacting me then.. Scary though is that they know all about you.. I guess its from my resume posts at some of the jobseeker websites I use..

    Remember, you have to work for everything and money and opportunity doesnt grow on trees.. have faith in God but always be vigilant of scammers and fraudulent offers..

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  20. To the Blogger and everyone else:

    I got a very similar phone call today. It was from Nikki / Niki/ Nicky Bumatay 0915-617XXXX. I had the very same talk from her. She told me that a friend of mine (he confirmed) referred me and they were looking for people who can manage their business and I can do this on part time basis.

    She invited me to come to their office so she can discuss more information about the business at:

    15/F Octagon Building
    San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas, Pasig

    She made me choose a schedule between the 2:

    1.) Tue/9am
    2.) Sat/1:30pm

    and I should come in Business Attire and bring a valid ID.

    She caught me off guard and I was still half asleep, after mentioning the name of my friend -- I said Yes to her invitation talk. After coming to my senses, I googled the company and found many results.

    Some results say that it's a scam, I did some extensive research and found out it's not really a scam. It's a product.

    NuSkin, or as they call it NSE Philippines or Synergy One Global or Pharmanex is located at the 15th floor, Octagon bldg, Ortigas center, Pasig City.

    According to my friend, and Mr Google, They conduct business by MLM or Multi Level Marketing.
    also called network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling.

    The products and company are usually marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

    The products/services are real/legit but I don't like how they do the business.

    I called her back and respectfully backed out from my appointment. She asked me if I can give her some people to replace me, I told her I'd have to check with them.

    Some people here are real, and so is the business.
    What if you were in their footsteps and you found yourself in the internet listed as a scammer?

    Or something like an anonymous blogger like this:

    The online scam is very rampant because of the growing online community.

    Try to do more research first before posting something like this. It's not funny if you're applying for a clearance and the investigator will find your name on the internet listed as a scammer or people who commit fraud.

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  21. For Curious people like who thinking How the deal goes in there, here's Additional Information.
    Here's a quote from one of the people who actually attended the business talk:

    "ako, last week ***, umattend ako dun sa Makati office nila ng "seminar." Actually, I like their products (lifepak) kelangan ko kc yun e... Yeah, it is MLM, wala ako 12,600 agad agad, saka hindi ako masyado mahilig dun sa recruit recruit..., hehe...

    If it is scam, may be?! dont have authority to say that, hehe... (once na yun family ko nalako sa first quadrant e) siguro kung marami ka talagang kilala na my pera, at mahilig magbenta, ***** yayaman ka tlaga **... hehe...

    Working na me, at the same time enrolled to a post-graduate course. ano pa time ko dun sa pag recruit recruit sa mga tao, *** rin mababawi yun 12600 kun sakali, hehe

    What is not good? the way the distributors telling to their prospects, i.e, lying first. Pero sabi strategy daw yun!!! tsk... tsk...

    coz, pumunta me dun kasama ng kaibigan ko nag invite sakin, na *** alam ano yun pupuntahan ko, pag dating ko nlng dun sa floor ng Pharmanex saka ko nalaman, paglabas ko ng elevator sa phamanex, alam ko na agad, networking"

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  22. This Sallve Labastida called me offering a part time position for a certain multinational company, I asked what company and she said Pharmanex, we have scheduled a meeting on saturday 1:30pm, but Im still puzzled who really they are, so I just went on the conversation,after we talked, I searched immediately in the internet the pharmanex, and directed to NU Skin website (,I looked for NU Skin address and it was diffrent from what was given to me by the caller, but then I searched also for the addressed given to me 15flr Robinsons Saving Bank Amethyst rd, no exact company resulted. Then I found this blog and i was glad I found out this infos... the number called is 09155326241. And now.. I texted her cancelling the meeting, just to be sure she wont bother me if I wont appear in our supposed meeting.

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  23. Lol, I know this floor too, it's Nu Skin, it's even larger than ABS-CBN Co, San Miguel corp, Ayala corp and even in any international companies combined. Check out the New York Stock Exchange website and look NYSE, it's their code.

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  24. grabe ako din tinawagan! same story! ingat kayo dito! kevin canlapan (09162842779)

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  25. 3:40pm...I'm sleeping when my phone rings! I woke up and I saw an unregistered number calling..09162842775...., i answered the phone...A girl introduced herself saying she's ROAN GALVEZ from Synergy Global...and she's looking for me, of course. She even knew the school where I graduated. She said that their company is out-branching somewhere in Manila (I forgot the exact place, i think in Ortigas also) and they need 1-2 professional/s who can handle their new branch. Of course, I felt happy to hear that. She asked if i'm working already and i said that i'm just a volunteer nurse in one of the govt hospitals in our province. She scheduled me for an interview, she asked me to choose between mon and wed and i chose wed, then she set for the time, it was 3pm. she even said that she will cancel her schedule that time just to give way for my interview. She gave the address, 15th flr, Octagon Building, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. I even asked what is the nature of their company, I asked if it is a clinic/hospital ( cause I'm a newly registered nurse) and she said it's not. She just said that their company is branching out and they need person/s who can handle their branch. She didn't mention what things to bring, what attire should i wear. She just said she's looking forward for an interview with me. The call ended that lasted for 4min 32 secs. Immediately, I turned on the computer and searched for their company. I saw different Synergy Global links. Mostly can be located abroad. I was shocked that time coz it was an international company. I felt proud! but then their local address doesn't match in the address given to me. From the net it's from Q.C, then I doubted. I searched extensively, shocked! i found out a link saying it's a scam...I read some of the comments and my excitement level turned down while increasing my disappointment level. I realized that I was one of those young professionals who almost grab the opportunity of being FAKED/FRAUD!..then i told my story to my sister in law and she warned her brother who is a young professional also...thank GOD i searched the net first!...

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  26. Hahaha its like one of those fictional evil pharma companies that hires people secretly to be their henchmen and then rule the world or something like that. Oh yeah I also got a call too.

    anyway most likely its another recruiting scheme for their sorry "Multi-Level" Marketing. It's probably not a scam but I don't like these kinds of business models.

    Remember Amway?

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  27. somobody called me today with a name of Dianne Garcia, and she said that my name was listed as a recommendation from their company. She said that I should be in business attire on Friday at 3pm, she knows that I'm a nurse and the company's name is US Biophotonics International.

    My question is, the address that they gave is from SM Megamall, I should ride FX with Tektite route, near Linden Suite Hotel, they are on the 15th floor of the white bldg. Is it the same with Octagon Bldg? but based from what I read from this blog, the approach of the caller is similar to mine.

    Thanks for posting this!

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  28. Ive got the same phone call and had this gut feeling about it but i still went through. i do admit that the way they recruit people are unethical, not saying about the company, and being very vague about the job offer.... the products and MLM biz plan are legit. "GREAT COMPANY,
    GREaT PRODUCTS, WRONG PEOPLE" i got this quote from another site forgot who the author is(sorry dude).
    still interested in this kind of business coz of the opportunity.

    BUt now im 2nd guessing about this company, given the negative feedbacks so...i need help here... anyone?

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  29. i was called also with this....hinahanap ko s internet ung company n sinasabi pero wala akong mhanap same address 15th floor sa white ng kuya ko tingnan ko muna sa internet bgo ako pumunta...alm din nya n nursing graduate ako and a registerd nurse...when i read this ntakot n ako.... tnx for this....!

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  30. haay nku i was also called by "victoria jones" daw about an hour ago.. saying same stuff! she knows my name and profession too, sb ko too good to be true nmn ung deal nla...15-18k daw for a part time job! so i decided to search for the given address at buti nlng i found out this link.. thanks God tlga! wag kau mgpapaloko guys here's the # she used 0933670095.
    .-= yana´s last blog ..Cured =-.

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  31. just now i received a call from "KYLE PLATERO". He was asking me if I was interested with the job offer earning 15k-35k a month. He asked me if i was currently employed and i said yes here in Makati. He even invited me for an interview on Saturday and he'll expect me. i'm just a bit confused because he knows my name...?!?? weird.. here's the number of the caller.. 0916880875

    .-= Marj´s last blog ..Cured =-.

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  32. (CHE) same thing, DIANA GARCIA called me last monday, telling me that i've been chosen to be a part of their multi international JOB offering (HEALTH care PROJECT), she gave me the exact details on how to go to that building, (RIDE fx(tekpipe_SIGNBOARD), LINDEN suite HOTEL, TALL white BUILDING, GROUND FLOOR BDO and ROBINSONS bank, go to 15th floor and look for her(MS. DIANA GARCIA) wear BUSINESS attire and BRING a valid I.D... I felt excited that time, i even called my GIRLFriend to tell her the good news, i also ask her to come with me, to try if she can apply too... yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon, i received a txt from her reminding me that now is our appointment at 6.30 pm at the BELVEDERE TOWER, i txted her telling that my appointment with her is on the sat 1.3o pm, and then i asked her what is the name of the company, she did'nt reply, instead she call me and says that it's a multi-national company, US BIOPHOTONICS INTERNATIONAL, and i also asked her of what job they are offering for me, she said its a HEALTH care PROJECT.... I txted her a few minutes ago asking if the belvedere tower is the same as the TALL white building she told me... i asked her that bec. I'm familiar with BELVEDERE tower, THAT is where (MY BENEFITS CLUB) (COMPANY WHO MARKET POWER SAVER- "a GOOD company").. she told me that it's not the same building, and she said that i'm scheduled later at 6.30 pm, i told her not, it's on sat. at 1.3o, she said "i'm sorry was'nt on my desk right now. and "SEE you then on saturday at 1.30 pm.. thou it sounds confusing, i'm prepared for that appointment with her on sat., while on the computer, i tried to find the US BIOPHOTONiC INTERNATIONAL, but i can't find it. instead i am redirected to a FREE MAGAZINE etc., then i saw the "BEWARE" stuff on my search on google, then redirected here.. i've red all the BLOGs.. and same story as i'd have... THANKS to this SITE... i really can't tell if it's a scam or what, but with all of that same experiences we've had, i can say IT'S not a GOOD marketing IDEA to tell those YOUNG professionals that they've been chosen to be a part of a company... I'm a REGISTERED NURSE too, and i know how hard it is to find a JOB... THANKs to THIS BLOG... I even save my TIME, and I THINK my LIFE TOO... thanks... two thumbs UP! -FROM BULACAN

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  33. Oh my GOSH! This guy/gay named KYLE PLATERO also called me last thursday telling me that their company is in need of 3 executives blah blah blah and well yeah, like the others who have commented on this post, he told me to mark on my planner the date that he would schedule me for a meeting and that i should wear an office attire and should bring an ID which is kind of baffling because he never mentioned that i should bring a resume or something. I declined his first offer to meet today because i have a seminar and then he said that he could meet me up on Monday, 3pm or 6:30pm only. WHAT THE HECK?? Good thing I googled he's name first and VOILA - this blogpost appeared. That guy/gay is a good talker alright. BEWARE PEOPLE!

    PS: I'll cancel my appointment to him AT ONCE! Thanks guys!

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  34. I am not a proponent of deception. I disagree with the way some Nu Skin distributors are doing the business (as I've read in this thread). I am not a Nu Skin distributor yet but after attending a few times their presentation in the US and after trying some of their products, I really got interested.

    It is just unfortunate that most of you who posted comments here have been deceived in one way or the other by a distributor who is desperately looking for business partner. It, definitely, is a bad way of doing it. I don't even think Nu Skin in the US is aware of this way.

    However, with the knowledge I know about the company and their products so far, I felt compelled to write my comments just so you see the other good side of it. Nu Skin is a publicly listed company in the US. The people I met in the US who are actively doing the business are credible people mostly in medical field - chiropractor, opthalmologist, optometrist, OB-Gyne, family physician, etc. Why are they in the business? That is because Nu Skin is a credible company, debt-free and has a record of steady growth.

    Can you really make money in Nu Skin? I believe so. I have met people who are now enjoying residual income after working at it for I think 5 years. Not bad, huh? Will I try doing the business? Most likely. At this point, I am in the process of scanning my market for it.

    If you cannot trust the people doing it in the Philippines but you are interested in finding out how you can make good money in it, I suggest you ask the credible people in the US. I suggest you go to this site:

    There's a name of credible person there that you can contact or email for questions.

    Also, before you judge the company, I strongly suggest that you visit their official website:

    Hope this helps. Cheers!


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  35. Isko Ng Bayan July 27, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    Thanks to this blog/site I was saved from wasting my time on something I am totally not interested on- MLM/Networking!!!

    Same story as most people here already posted :-)

    - Received a call this morning offering a job and scheduling me for an interview.

    - Caller said he is Mr. Michael Tanghal (0926-6144675). He knew what university I graduated from and claimed he got my contact info there.

    - Asked what kind of work/industry I'm in at the moment and if I am open to other job opportunities. Said yes just to get on with the conversation.

    - Mentioned the company he is from, US BIOPHOTONICS. The usual "buhat ng banko"- multinational company, based in US, very good financial compensation etc.

    - Guy was trying to schedule me an appointment: Mentioned their location: 15th floor of Teleperformance Bldg. (but not in anyway connected with Teleperformance), behind Linden Suites. He said if I'm there I can just ask the guard on duty for him etc. etc. etc. In the end, i just said NO. :-)

    - He asked me if I can refer anyone who can fill my "spot", I said no one.

    - End of call.

    The only thing that peeves me is how and where they get my information/contact number (and other people's for that matter)??!!!!

    Their company, products may be legit but the way they operate is what irritates people!!

    Beware to those who treasure their time but to those who doesn't have a job then you might want to give this a second look. :-)

    Just my 2 cents. Good day to all and God Bless!

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  36. I was invited last July 8, (I think)..

    The lady who called me and my friend was GRACE LAXAMANA. She told us that they urgently needed us, for the left slot of the team of their company. She even knew our names, and the school we're studying at. She said too many good things (pambobola), to convince us. She even assured that we will be going on the next day. (Kinabukasan agad! OMG! Kailangan, nakaCorporate attire pa...)

    Good thing, we urgently searched in the net the said location, and boom! we read a lot of blogs (mostly from students)

    So, BEWARE OF CALLERS na biglang tumatawag "FOR HIRING, JOB INTERVIEW, OR ANY OTHER JOB OPPORTUNITY" especially kung hindi ka naman nagApply tapos, bobola-bolahin ka pa.. ;)

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  37. in all fairness sa mga tumatawag, they have the time to pool the names and contact details of potential "managers." this girl (I won't name her. God bless her na lang) called me last night. said she was with an American multinational company. asked me where I was studying, what year I was in, what I was majoring in, how I was doing in school (nanay nanay?). said a friend of mine referred her to me. said they were looking for managers who'll work part-time for their "project" here in the Philippines. no details. just the address: 15/F, Octagon Tower, Ortigas Center. told me I should be in business attire, I shouldn't cancel my appointment lest I be called unprofessional, and that I should just go and look for her once I get there (our appointment was supposedly for today, at 1:30pm. her senior executive or something cleared his/her schedule just to accommodate my interview. how gracious.) our I sent a follow-up SMS asking her for her name and at least some general details of what I was getting into. she replied saying I should reserve my questions for the interview, which was supposed to happen today. all the grown-ups here in the house were saying "ay yan yung mga nagbebenta-benta ng kung anu-ano." apparently, going by the comments I've read here, they were right.

    I'm a 17yo sophomore Broadcast major from the nation's Premier University. my profs are giving me hell, even in my sleep. sana mamili naman sila (yung mga tao sa 15/F ng Octagon Tower) ng irerecruit.

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  38. For me theres nothing wrong about the business. In a business kc na malaki eh hindi pinag-uusapan yan over the Phone. Anong magiging sense kung lahat na lang ng tanong nyo eh sagutin nila. Walang mangyayai sa usapan ninyo kung sa Phone na lang. Bakit ba kayo pinapupunta, dahil sa business. aNO ANG SINSAgot nyo kapag tinanong kayo kung open kayo? OO db? Kung No yung sagot nyo eh hindi na sila magaaksaya pa ng oras senyo. Kung hindi kayo nagconfirm eh hindi na sila tatawag para magfollow up senyo. Professional sila in a way na pinapahalagan yung mga commitment nila. Pero kayo eh napakaunprofessional na hindi na lang basta basta pupunta without informing them. Pinapagunahan nyo ng takot ang isang bagay na hindi nyo pa nkikita.

    Ang inooffer nila eh opportunity. Hindi ito para sa knila, Para senyo itong inooffer nila. Wag kayo magpakatanga sa mga desisyon ninyo at mga hinuha na wala namng katibayan. be honest to them kung ayaw nyo pumunta o hindi. Mahirap maghintay sa wala db?

    Kung matalino kayo eh titingnan nyo kung ano b tlga yung info na gusto nya ipakita. Nasa sa inyo namn ang desisyon eh. Pag may nakita kayong mali at hindi tama eh tsaka kayo magcomment ng hindi maganda or else pede namn kyo magreklamo kung may mali sa knila.

    Ang mga taong hindi umaasenso eh yung mga taong takot makita ang bawat oportunidad.

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  39. I also got the same call this morning..We had almost the same conversation as with you guys (the venue and their strategy)..I asked for the company's name and she mentioned that it was Synergy Philippines..

    As I was reading all your posts, I am starting to believe that it was really a scam..But reading Mark & Gem's comments, I think, they're right..
    Maybe it was NOT A SCAM..It was just a NETWORK MARKETING, direct selling, referral marketing, and/or pyramid selling.

    For the callers/employees of the said company, maybe, the way that some of you guys do your business strategies are not quite appropriate..You should properly introduce yourselves, your company's background and also the kind of business that you're doing..Maybe that way, you can find people who are really interested with your business..

    For those people who already experienced this, just like most of us here and also to those who might receive the same call in the future. It is really up to you guys..Use your own judgment..
    If you are interested to join their company, make sure that you are aware of the kind of their job..networking is not an easy job and this will need your sales and marketing skills and strategies..It may also includes some think really hard before you decide..
    But if you are not into Sales and marketing, then don't think twice. Don't go there. Just like me, I don't know how to make a "sales talk" and I don't have connections with "rich people" who can buy my products if ever i will join them..So, I have decided to cancel my appointment with them today..:)

    Just don't give your full trust easily to someone you don't know..
    Think as many as you can before you decide..:)
    And ofcourse, pray hard;)

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  40. As I'm making further researches regarding this, I had found this link..I think you should also read this..:)

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  41. Hi I was called today and thanks for the use of internet too, I read these comments and suddenly I saw it was a scam. But at first call, I just had a second doubt because of the caller named jilyn Gylon forgot the SOP of a caller w/c is to ask basic information to the one his/her calling and to of course explain where she got my information. At the second call, she explains that she got a recommendation from our school. Good thing I didn't call to my school and ask if they really recommend their students. I forgot to take note of the company named and I was thinking to search for the address at internet and maybe the company will appear and when I saw these many I was laughing and my sister read it too and we were laughing together.

    I had lot of comments to you Jilyn Gylon, you only ask me to bring valid ID and no more. That's a big question to us of course and God, graduates today are not as dumb as you are.

    You must read my message which means I won't come tomorrow, 3:00 PM.

    Be good.

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  42. good thing nag research muna ako. nakareceive din ako ng call today....same address. gosh ill text her to cancel my appointment! i am not interested in MLM!

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    1.NuSkin’s Naughty* Numbers** What few NuSkin recruiters know (and none who do know will say—or admit) about their “opportunity of a lifetime"

    2.Nu Skin Enterprises: An important case study for FTC officials on past efforts to implement business opportunity disclosure
    (REPORT OF VIOLATIONS of the FTC Order for Nu Skin to stop misrepresenting earnings of distributors – and the need for FTC action to redress damages and to prevent further world wide consumer losses)

    THESE ARE BY: JON M. TAYLOR, PH.D., President, Consumer Awareness Institute, and Advisor, Pyramid
    Scheme Alert – Petition first submitted September 4, 2000"


    I-quote ko lang yung ibang lines sa PDFs na yan:
    "However, even the data supplied by NuSkin is misleading, in that important extensions and interpretations are lacking and crucial information is cleverly disguised."

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  44. Someone called me earlier this evening in the name of Paul Dumalig. He wanted to meet me this Friday at 6:30PM.
    Heres his number 09178225397.
    Shet 20th Floor Octagon.. wala naman atang Floor. buti na lang nagssearch ako. Sabi na nga Fraud to ehh.
    Thanks to all.
    Ingat ingat tayo.

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  45. Hi,

    I was also called yesterday, Aug 30, by a Sir Claud from NSE Synergy Global telling me to come to 15F Octagon Building Ortigas this Friday at 3pm.

    Good thing I browsed the internet for the company details.

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  46. Same story... Vincent Agoc - 09158352243.


    "u.s. biotech",

    "15F No.41 teleporformance building san miguel ave ortigas"

    "white building with BDO & robinsons."

    Liers go to hell :)

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  47. i've already experienced that. and i've been to that place already but it wasn't that scary at all. it was like a seminar and they're like recruiting people to be trained to sell products but you have to give a certain amount of money. it's a little bit true, yun nga lang, maglalabas ka pa rin ng money which is not really nice for job seekers. btw, i was only 17 at that time so they're really wanting some people who look "innocent". hehe

    the company , by the way, is Pharmanex. and the speakers are really outspoken, educated and very confident. as part of the audience, i was really amazed and kind of convinced, but i don't have the money either. haha. so sorry for them.

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  48. New Update:

    Fear another person names "Ms. Leus".

    Same Building: 15Flr Teleperformance etc,
    Time: 3:00PM
    Attire: Business
    Requirements: 1 Valid ID (No Resume)
    Cellphone # : 0915-514-1877

    Remarks: Good thing I didn't know the place and researched this building. If not, I wouldn't have been able to see all your warnings.

    Truth be told, I did give them the benefit of the doubt after reading all your comments, and asked them their Company Name and Nature of Business. The Company Name was NS-something, the nature of business would be found out once I'm in the meeting.

    Beware all!

    PS: They are still using the same script as they did since 2007. O_o'

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  49. Oh my .. Thank God for the internet . mmm . Because I'm already scheduled for an appointment tomorrow with Jilyn Gylon .

    While reading your comments , I was shocked about the 15/F of that Octagon bldg. They don't even told me about the building or it where it was located but Ms. gylon just told me that it was on Pasig City . She even told me that I need to ride on a FX near SM megamall (supermarket). And I should tell the driver that I'll be on Teleperformance building near BDO . mmm . funny ?
    I'm not so familiar with that place . And I feel so weird when I got that call because too many questions that she didn't even tried to answer but she knew every information that I've got .

    So, fresh graduates , just like me , should be aware of this scam action that their doing !

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  50. Guys,

    I am a nurse by profession and i also went through that process. I was amazed by this company's presentation. (nakakapanghinayang yung mga taong nagconfirmed na pupunta pero di naman pumunta because of this blog, they had just missed their opportunity) At first, I had doubts too pero naisip ko, bakit hindi ko tingnan muna bago ako maniwala sa mga blogs na naka post dito. To see is to believe diba?

    Now, im proud to say na happy ako sa company kahit na wala pa masyadong income akong narerecieve, u know y? kasi, kilala ko sarili ko. I know i will be successful no matter what it takes (in a good way). di ko kailangan negative feedbacks about the company. I believe in my self. Kung nagawa ng mga self made millionaires to.... bakit hindi ako?

    Ikaw? ano ba goals mo sa buhay? pangungunahan ka na lang ba lagi ng takot?

    Yun lang po :) God bless!

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  51. good for you.. sa iban ayaw nila pumunta eh. kanya kanyang decision lang yan... I'm not encouraging anyone not to go.. sabi ko be aware at ni -relay ko ang napagusapan don sa phone call at saka di interested niece ko to go dahil she's not even looking for a job dahil she's studying pa naman.

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  52. Mike Ballo 09052922258 naman tumawag sakin ngaun fri sept.18,2010 same story 41 corner extention road san miguel avenue ortigas center binigyan pa ako ng landmark beside linden hotel all white building robinson bank and bdo on the ground floor "biophotonics international" ung company salamat sa comment buti na lang at nagsearch ako

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  53. This is actually a legitimate company that sells excellent skin-care and health products that no one in the market is offering. The distributors (the ones who are making all these calls) are independent of Nu Skin/Pharmanex and employ their own marketing and recruitment strategies. These distributors sometimes form their own small companies as an income tax strategy and this is the name they usually use when recruiting new member/business partners. I have been doing the business for only 2 weeks and I have managed to sell more than P300,000 worth of products. Although it may not be for everybody, especially fresh grads, it could mean a considerable income for anyone who is willing to do the business.

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  54. Being in the middle. Some people want to earn more some people are comfortable with what they have. We have our own will to come or not when invited.

    For me personally, I build relationships and help others! Not through such dead on INVITING. I could share a lot of things you will be surprised and maybe thankful once you know.

    Thanks and God bless to ALL

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  55. wow! just got the call! went to the internet and found this. Miguel naman ang tumawag. Very fishy, same story about the white bldg, business attire. But he told me mag meet daw sa ground floor. During the call I asked several times the nature of the business but I couldn't get a clear answer, plus the address is very weird.. look for a white blgd? really?! haha~

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  56. i just a call like 10mins ago asking me to go to this place. actually they never mentioned the name of the bldg, just told me to go to the white building besides linden building with the BDO on the ground floor. and again, i must go directly to the 15th floor wearing office attires.

    i got excited at first since that was my first "job interview" but talking to the caller, (Ms. Rubis) got me puzzled. she just mentioned the company name once, it was like LS or NS incorporated, never mentioned what it was or what it does. just told me that they were looking for young professionals, related to health something, to handle their business (hmmm). and many questions that i asked wasn't answered, she just said that things will be explained on saturday (my supposed to be appointed) which made things even more doubtful.

    what made them believable was the fact that they know my complete name and the school where i am currently studying and that my course is medicine inclined.

    that's why it is always best to research about the company name first before actually going to the place blinded with what you are about to enter.

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  57. wow...thank you to the information

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  58. i was called this morning, and set for a meeting on Friday 3pm.questions are all in my mind..why?because she gave me the address not complete like she said san miguel branch at 15 flr onlyortigas center...then she asked me if i know the Linden Suites kse near ng daw...Wel, i keep asking on my friend if she knows about this.. but she doesn't know yet...that's why i am trying to search it in the internet..huh...kakaiba tlga..sound professional pa namn sya...Thanks God for the internet...

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  59. my oh my. I just got this kind of call yesterday while I was having my siesta.. since caught off guard, I hardly understood what the girl was saying. I kept asking her about the company's profile but I just got weird answers.

    maybe its not bad at all. some say they are legit. good for them if they are.

    but I'm just not into these kinds of business.

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  60. Kathrine Mendoza October 13, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    I received a phonecall just this afternoon, he said it was just a 3min phonecall~ His name is Gerard Co or Kho. Then he's offering something~ didn't quite understand. He mentioned my school which is weird, and he knows my full name. He told me to participate in his projects. I'm still bothered about it so I searched for the name of their company~ PHX INTERNATIONAL! 09175399277 this is his phonenumber! So please beware! I'm still in college, good thing I found this site!!!

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  61. ito po ba un exact address na binibigay:

    Octagon Tower #41 San Miguel Ave. corner Exchange Road Ortigas Pasig City

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  62. Hi, my officemate just got a call... same story... she told me that she actually confirmed. She was scheduled today at 630 but she was having doubts so I told her to search for it in the net... then she stumbled into a lot of blog about the said place 15th Floor Teleperformance Bldg, Ortigas. We are not against NUSkin or the company itself... we are against the way they are deceiving people just to attend their seminars. NUSkin is a very reputable company, i agree... so why do they have to deceive people? Why don't just they tell the truth? Though a lot of people are discouraged to go on networking business, I'm sure that there are also out there interested. So those at NUSkin Philippines should just stop their bad way of recruiting people.

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  63. If you want straight answers on what the heck is at the 15th floor of Octagon, or what Nu Skin is, or how network marketing works, click these links:




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  64. Ako din.. tinawagan ako last thursday (Oct. 21)... a certain ANNE VILLEGAS(09228151765)... She told me that she is a Senior Executive from a MULTINATIONAL COMPANY daw... she's in a bit hurry... sabi niya I should come on Saturday (oct. 23, 2010) for a pre-qualification. una ibang address ang binigay niya.. 12th Floor Metrobank Bldg. San Miguel Ave., Pasig City... at 1:30pm.. strict daw cla sa time... ang sabi ko, "What should I bring?" ang sabi lang niya, "1 valid ID lang".. tapos be there in corporate attire... " Don't be late" pa ang habol niya... wag ko din daw kalimutang i-note sa planner ko... alam din niya ang school na pinanggalingan ko (kung san ako graduate).... tapos, kaninang umaga (Oct. 23, 2010) eto ang txt niya... FROM: ANNE VILLEGAS (09176654072)... PLEASE PROCEED IN OUR HEAD OFFICE FOR THIS AFTERNOON'S PRE QUALIFICATION. ADDRESS IS 15TH FLOOR OCTAGON CENTER, SAN MIGUEL AVENUE, ORTIGAS. KINDLY ACKNOWLEDGE THIS SMS.

    I didnt acknowledge her sms kasi mejo nakakaramdam ako ng kakaiba... and besides, may work naman ako na maaus so di ako taeng tae na humanap ng work pa na mejo weird ang dating...

    >>>good thing pala naisipan kong isearch ang address na un.. madami na pala clang natawagan na tulad natin na young professionals... tau pala ang target nila.. tsk tsk tsk... BEWARE!!!!

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  65. Wow! Ganyan din nangyari sa akin, twice!!! One was PHX or PHS International, called me 2 times and asked me to go to that place and be in corporate attire. Gerard Kho yung name at may alam pang "We value your appointment"! Then nung tinanong ko sila, printers daw business nila, which is weird. Then nung oct. 20, May girl na multinational company rin daw ang pinagtratabahuan, telling the same stuff. They both know my full name and school. My friends are also getting similar calls. Beware!

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  66. That 15th floor sucks...I ask one of their agent a few question, and guest what he answered me? "Better if you right down you question first and informed about it and i'll answer your question the next time we met." Then i ask him how long he has been in that business, then he answered me "2 years and 2 months and I'm earning more than 1 million in 1 year"...I would like to tell him that "your earning million and yet your not familiar with your company?How could you earn that much money if you don't know our products well"...The question i ask is very simple...What awards did NuSkin or Pharmanex got?

    If you are recruited by someone try to ask them a smart question,do not just joined them because of the figures they shown to you...Be careful with your recruiter...

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  67. Thomasian Nurse November 2, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    I have just received a call from the lady at the same address. She had even scheduled an appointment with me on Friday, 3 PM.

    She was speaking too fast, vaguely mentioning the name of the company. I wanted to ask her what the project is about, but she won't let me speak.

    Thank God I browsed the Internet for more details. Might warn my other classmates just in case they receive the same call.

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  68. hi guys! same experience po! kahapon lang. and ngaun dpat ang meeting namin ng 3pm. tumawag na xa sakin dati ms.Arcilla ang name but hnd kami nkpgusap ng maayos kasi nsa jip ako and maingay tmwag nlng xa ulit, tpos ayun nga pnappnta din ako jan tinuruan pko pnu pmunta if from megamall.. 15th floor, bring 1 valid i.d and office attire. wag daw malelate, american time pa daw. so ako at first naexcite kasi bakit alam nila name ko, number ko and san ako nagaaral tpos nghhnap dw cla ng trainor ewan koba, tinanong pa kung ok dw ba grades ko. gnyan2 she sounds really professional so after the call, tinawagan ko kuya ko, tinanong ko ano ba yun, nagtataka ako wala naman akong inaapplyan na company kasi nag aaral pako ayun sabi ng kuya ko networking dw yun wag ako pmunta. and ayun hndi ako pmunta tapos kaka text nya lang ult ngaun, sabi "Dear, asan ka na?:)" haha. 09063083609. yan number nya. sabi nya health technology company daw cla etc.

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  69. It's not what you think it is. It's not even a "SCAM". If you guys are open minded you will definitely know and understand what really is going on out there. You think "poorly"... That'w why some people don't get rich because they do think like a poor people. It's not a "fraud". If you are in a business side of the world. You are definitely suit for this.

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  70. THANK YOU! you just saved me from wasting my afternoon.
    in fairness, these guys are pretty good that they came up with this kind of scam.

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  71. This certain gay KYLE PLATERO called me just last November 5, inviting me to attend the brainstorming/business meeting at Village Inn in Cabantuan City. He first called my friend who was a TV reporter for TV Patrol then my friend referred me to him.

    This GAY is obviously eloquent and had the nerve to fool me even if I said that I'm an editor for an International Publishing house. That should ring the bell that I am no simpleton for his MO. Maybe he's that desperate!

    He gave me the same MO as everybody else here. He's a PROJECT DIRECTOR looking for 3 people to help him out with the "Healthcare Business" and together, we will be the PIONEERS. Can you imagine that!?

    PLEASE PEOPLE. They may use different names and numbers but the MO is still the same. If you want to earn real money, apply for a job. Unless you are a magnanimously bright professional, a company won't come to you just to offer you a high-paying job.

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  72. @ DON:

    You are somewhat right. Businessmen get rich by selling and doing some sort of pyramiding thing. But that is absolutely different from misleading the people.

    Just like what THOMASIAN NURSE said, the caller/suspect talks so fast that those who are not so adept in the English language may think, this is so legit after all. But it's not.

    The caller won't even let me speak. Lucky him 'cause I have an asthma attack for several days now that speaking over the phone kills me.

    Okay...I'll give the credit to Hasslenut for the info; the "whistle blower". She insists I acknowledge her. :-)

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  73. I received a call today saying the same things that most of the people commented here. She said she got my number from my school and they were looking for student leaders. I got excited and I believed it because I am really a student leader and it's an opportunity for me to enhance my skills. But then I began to wonder. Sino ba naman ang matinong tatawag ng 8:00 pm to think na she's from an international company. She told me that I should wear a corporate attire, and I should not be late because they're following the American time. After the call, I texted her asking for more details about their program and a proof na hindi SCAM ito.. But then no reply and no email received from her. I also research for the company that she said but I found nothing. I started to search for the address, good thing I found this site. Thank you for this information.

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  74. Grabe! Im a fresh grad and so I was really waiting for some phone calls ksi gsto ko ng mgkawork tlga. someone called me up awhile ago, Ann Villegas daw. gnung gnun din ung mga snbi, sbi pa metrobank buillding. eh iniisip ko kung san un dun ksi wla akong napapansin. Goddddd. Buti nlang my mga taong concerned na nagpost nto. Thanks a lot guys! =)

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  75. [...] out the post and comments at my post entitled “Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City” and who knows you might share your own experience as [...]

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  76. thank you for these information, same happened to me earlier... around 1:30 pm...

    I can't clearly hear her voice because of the noise around my place.

    Since i doesn't have any job right now, i thought it will be an opportunity for me.
    Unregistered number (09052497557) called me about a job as a nurse (looking for a qualified nurse). She knows my school, saying you were from ___ school ayt? It will be a 2 minutes call. She found my resume somewhere I didn't hear what she said.

    And i do have an appointment,

    monday or tuesday 3pm. letting me choose between the two. then giving me the directions,

    From SM Megamall Supermarket
    I will ride an FX to Robinson Tektite?
    Then Octagon TowerWhite building
    Banco de Oro Lobby

    15th floor and I will look for Ms. Nikki Bondoc

    she even let me repeat all those directions.

    I asked what's the name of the company, she said NS incorporated and she's very polite.

    Reminding me that I should wear

    Business attire/ Smart casual because there company is very strict when it comes to dress code

    Bring my Valid ID

    I will go thru pre qualifications, blah blah blah!
    And i shouldn't expect hiring me after...

    She almost got me, I got curious if i really did send a resume to this company. that's why i did the searching and found out about these scam.

    Thank you guys for warning me....

    Now i need to cancel it... tsk tsk! She even told me "Godbless" in the end of our conversation. That's why it gives me good impression about it. T_T

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  77. i got a call last Tuesday night 11.09.10. from marisiel dela cruz 09282513225 it was quite loud on the background and in a hurry voice that I couldn't understand her well. what i heard though was they're "us based company" didnt mention the company name, and i was referred by april lazaro (my friends sister) , she asked me if where i'm connected right now and I told her what is my current job, I even asked if I can bring a job seeking friend along she said that it is exclusive so i'm surprised what makes me so qualified, i asked what to bring she said just a valid ID,i wonder no resume or any credential. Then i said ok ill be free on fri (which is today) and she asked if i could come @ 6:30 and i agreed she said to me since im working with i mentioned company she expect me not to cancel. she gave me 20th floor octagon bldg san miguel ave ortigas as there address. end of the call. after 2 days she gave a ring again to confirm if im coming, i said yes until now since i'm not sure where exactly is octagon i googled it then there is this blog saying that is scum..i texted my friends sis by the way to verify and she said i should come..i guess ill just give it a try.. ill just continue my story..

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  78. sakin din. kanina lang may tumawag. her name is Ms. Arcilla. she knows my name and the school i graduated from. pati sa isa kong clasmate tumawag din sya. kya kla nman legible ung HEalth Care Technology Company niya. her mobile number is 09063083609. same sa inyo. magulo din ung pag-uusap nmain. nuti na lang nag-search muna ko. thank u guys :)

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  79. meron din tumawag sa akin, kanikanina lang. name's gerard kho. he talked very fast, and was making an appointment for me this monday. he knows my school and my course. dammet. and he seemed convincing. he said he got my info from an alumni. dammet.

    buti na lang i stumbled upon this. i researched his number. thank you!!!

    thanks mr. gerard you made my afternoon interesting.

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  80. oh my God, good thing my mother told me to search it online since i do not have any idea about "the company" and after reading those entries sure change my mind..though i was not told to what floor am i supposed to go, the fact that it was the same building, the same technique (referred by me school, to come in business attire, be there by 3pm) i was assuming it was the same guys.

    so beware guys esp fresh grads like me

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  81. oh god! same thing here, just now. thank you so much for posting this. i'm not going to that scheduled interview. no way! it doesn't even sound like a job for a graphic artist.

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  82. salamat sa info na toh...kagulat yung result nung sinearch ko yung lugar which is 15 fl octagon bldg...the company was unclear,they claimed they got my number from my graduate school which i know my school wouldn't give away...

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    A girl named JOY ARCILLA called me last November 15, 2010 at 8:41pm to be exact telling me to come to their Company Address which is located at 15th Floor #41 Teleperformance Building., San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City or 15th Floor Octagon Building., San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City. She also gave me a landmark which is at the back of Hypermarket in SM Megamall. Like you guys, she scheduled me for an interview, she asked me to choose between Tuesday and Wednesday and I chose Wednesday (Today), then she set for the time, it was 3:00pm sharp. She told me also to bring a valid ID, wear a business attire and be professional not to cancel our meeting and be on time. I asked what's the name of their company and she kinda hesitated but told me anyway that the name of their company is HEALTH TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Actually, everytime I got a call from a certain company, I usually check their website first. So, I googled the name of the company but there we're no exact results and opted to type the complete address instead. And I'm totally shock finding a lot of results that the company is a SCAM. Thank God for the Internet! So, I just sent a message for Ms. JOY ARCILLA telling her that I've googled about their company and I'm not interested anymore that I would like to cancel our appointment. And I'm not surprised if she won't text me back. Anyway, just so you know, here's her number 09063083609.

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  84. whats in the 15th floor really? i actually got 2 calls from this group of people and they are pretty annoying to as if theyre so busy..
    anyways has anything been done to this company?people? i was actually wanting to bring my bodyguard to go to this address just in case i thought they might kidnap me or something hahaha.. sherwin masbate, and anna malacad called me using cellphone numbers how unproffesional

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  85. Thanks for this site. Tulad nyo guys I had the same story. May the Lord God Bless to those people who are behind this scam (wag na sana nilang gawin pa sa iba, whatever they did would most likely brought curiosity sa lahat at sa mga nangangailangan talagang i-grab ang opportunity, kung scam man ito sana wag na nilang pagpatuloy). Piece of advice lang, kung kailangan talaga nila ng employee/staff/etc they should post a job hiring on their site. Who are these people? Beware nalang po, this is the number of whosoever contacted me (0923-9590901), she wants me to meet with Christine XXXX.

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  86. OMG! I just received a call from "Mr. Consignado" stating that their company is exapanding here in the Philippines, the company name is US Healthcare Inc. located at 41 Octagon Center Cor. Exchange Rd. San Miguel Avenue Ortigas, 15th floor. He told me if I'm interested to join their company and if I have 3 mins to listen to him and give me instructions for the meet up. He offered me a time and a day tomorrow, Friday Nov. 19, 2010 at 3 pm or Saturday. He also told me that if I'm interested about the details of the job I should meet up with him.

    I asked him where he got my number, he said it was a referral. He also knew what school I graduated-- that kind of puzzled me for a while but I agreed to meet him tomorrow @ 3pm he said to me that I should wear a business attire and to bring 1 valid ID and to be on time.

    But right after I hang up the phone, my mind was not at peace I'm asking myself so many things about this company then I tried to googled the address he gave me and to my surprise a lot of results like these were shown. Thank God for this info and to you guys as well. I won't be wasting my time and money to go there. i will share with you the number as well 09062002905

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  87. salamat po sa info. as in kaka-tawag lang sa'kin ng lalaki (Myk Ballo ang name). pinapa-punta ako...
    hinahanap ko po kasi yung name ng company then nakita ko 'to.. salamat talaga!

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  88. Very well said everyone.
    A lady just called me earlier.
    Beware everyone! Not all breads has it's same ingredients. It may look good or yummy but, definitely being keen will give you the best critical thinking. ;)

    Here's the lady's number:
    0906 308 3609

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  89. same hir kakatawag lng sakin a while ago isang lalaking pangalan eh Myk Ballo, he knew who i am and where i graduated, cgro dahil sa resume ko n nkapost sa net.. well after reading this i cancelled the so called appointment at the 15 flr. where i definitely would waste time kc ndi nmn ako mahilig sa ganyan recruitment stuff.. so thanks to the net..

    well here's the number that he used to call me:

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  90. wow. good thing my dad didn't allow me to go out today. i was about to leave the house when he asked me the name of the company... and its location..

    i received a call yesterday from MS. JOY ARCILLA... same info was given:

    health technology company

    41 teleperformance bldg san miguel ave ortigas pasig city

    friday 3pm

    behind SM megamall bldg B, besides Omm-citra bldg

    was given that short ethic sermon too

    same number - 09063083609

    and description - a lady in a hurry and too careful not to mention the name of the company she's in.. unless she is asked about it..

    call was made during the day and the SMS is sent after office hours

    what bothers me is that she knows my full name, the course that i took and my mobile number....

    how do they do that?

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  91. Thanks for this,,, I don't have to waste my time actually going there... Being lectured about their reputable company and then being convinced to sell their products.. This is a business opportunity? Really? If it is... then it should start with transparency right? Why do you have to deceive people who might have more important things to do.. Get a real job!!!!

    The name of the girl who contacted me is Katrina, sent SMS message using this number 0915-4851603 and called me with this number 0999-4654025. The company name used was US Biotechnology Company and that I was referred by IBM, a company I never worked for in the past.

    They would end their conversation with this... "You sound very professional over the phone so I expect you to be professional and attend our meeting."

    MESSAGE to those who were scammed and those who were almost fooled...

    The law of karma is perfect.. Everyone gets what they deserve...

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  92. tnx a lot....
    ahaha.... same name MIKE BALLO same address no. 41 corner extention road san miguel avenue ortigas center binigyan pa ako ng landmark beside linden hotel all white building robinson bank and bdo on the ground floor.

    cell no.09052922258

    muntik na....

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  93. Good thing I researched. I don't have anything against Nu Skin because we use it before and I love the tinted moisturizer but selling it is not for me. Thanks!

    I asked for the job description and Mike Ballo did not elaborate with it. He said he will talk about it in the office.

    OK thanks again!

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  94. Hahaha..kala q nkajackpot n q trabaho, kc ngha2nap tlga q ng work..I'm a Reg. Nurse and i was surprised n mern 2mwag sken. Sya daw c Ms. Sam De Vera..galing nyang mgsalita,nkkpgtaka alm nya name q..And same s mga recent comments, nrequire nya n mgformal attire at mgdalA ng valid on time p nga sbi nya..
    kala q nkjackpot n q ng work, nghi2re dw cla 4 d xmpre, Yes nman lgi answer q..
    den saktong ngload aq 4 d broadband connection, surf agd aq s google,i type buong address.. 15th flr. Teleperformance Bldg. Ortigas, Pasig City.
    S.M Mega Mall dw un,sge gave a landmark, BDO dw..
    Marami dw tao dun kc nga mern dw event s umga, kya deretsyo lng dw aq..

    >> di q lam kung bkt mern mga taong gnito..C God n bhala sa kanila..Mdmi tao nghi2rap tas mern pang mga ganitong pakulo..
    Sna matauhan xa o cla one pagcchan nla kung bkt gnwa nla ang gnun..

    BEWARE nga tlga.. I can say n LUCKY aq kc nlman q n loko lng un..panu n lng ung iba..

    Thank you for dis site..dis really helps..

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  95. Little Researcher November 26, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    Hi! thnx for the info.. I also received a phone call a while ago, SAME STORY! I was a DLSU fresh grad and already have a job. YES, he knows my name but sounded not that PROFESSIONAL to me. I'm not professional either but he made a mistake! HE DID NOT GET MY INFO FROM OUR UNIVERSITY as he was saying. I concluded that for a reason that he confirmed my major as Communication which is NOT! I think he was just looking in our YEARBOOK where I asked for a reprint in our university because I did NOT major COMMUNICATION! Still, I don't know if this is a scam or not, and I'm not against to this but their way of getting an employee/staff is very intriguing . Also, they don't even have a website! FYI, most applicants today DO BACKGROUND CHECK! and BTW, thnx ADMIN for sharing. God Bless!

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  96. lam nio guys same story din yung skin katatawag lang skin kahapon november 25 pinapili p nga ako ng date kung today o tomorrow buti na lang naisipan ko na isearch yung lugar tpos nkita ko tong blog nto.. tnx sa inio dhil dito d nko pupunta.

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  97. i just receive a call this afternoon at around 3:30pm, it lasted for just under 5 mins.

    same script:

    bring id,

    be in corporate attire

    the location is at the octagon center san miguel avenue ortigas pasig city

    the caller's name is KEVIN OCOMA

    his number is 09167290404

    looking for junior executives

    he said that the company's name is NSIE, if im not mistake

    it came from a health industry daw

    and he also knows my details (school, name)

    when i ask him to just to text me the infos like the address, etc... he said he can't bec he is rushing to a meeting





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  98. whew. i got a call this morning from Mr. Raymond (didn't mentioned his surname), 09157123228, saying that it would only be a quick call for he will be attending his meeting in two minutes. He mentioned that they were actually looking for young professionals like me, a graduate of my field and he got my contact details from the institute where i graduated. He mentioned the name of the company once and he said he was inviting me for a meeting so we could discuss the details about this project he is offering me which is guaranteed not to interfere with my studies or current job. He, then gave me the address and my appointment schedule which is on monday coz i would be busy for the whole week (i said i can't go this week coz ill be studying whole day for the remaining days before my licensure exam yet he's asking until what time would the studying be, or what time in the evening would i be free which actually irritated me like didn't he even understood when i told him i'll be busy? anyway..). So he told me to come on monday at 3pm wearing business attire and look for him at a building behind SM Megamall. 15th floor OMM Citra building, San Miguel, Ortigas.. tall white building? something something.. (i hardly understand the address he was like saying it at random order). He told me to come on time, and he would not like me to come late or have my appointment cancelled for they are an american company, strict with their schedules or something like that and as a graduate of my institute i should be the one to know well about it. Since i wasn't able to recall the name of the company, i decided to look it up online and i found this blog instead. I've consulted some friends and they told me that if I am having doubts then I better not go. Since there are no clear details about the said project or whatever. Personally, I am not really into this kind of business. Not now.

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  99. I got a call yesterday from ANN VILLEGAS, mobile number.

    She talked really fast. Remember, one common tactic of scammers is TALKING FAST to give you very little time to react.

    She asked me if I'd like to do part-time work as I am already employed (which she knew beforehand, btw). She said they're looking for highly trainable professionals to manage distributorship and asked me to proceed to 12th Floor Metrobank Building on Saturday (today), BUT SHE NEVER mentioned the company's name.

    In all legitimate job interview requests that I've had, the COMPANY NAME ALWAYS GETS MENTIONED FIRST. Same thing with me, I introduce myself and mention my company's name first whenever I make calls to our clients.

    AND, where the hell is Metrobank Building in Ortigas? I've worked in Ortigas for a few years, live near there, and go there quite often to hang out, so I'm pretty sure there is NO Metrobank Building with 12 or more floors.

    ANN VILLEGAS just texted a few minutes ago now telling me to proceed to 15th Floor, Octagon Building, Ortigas Center. Very clever, but she isn't fooling anyone.

    Btw, she also knew the university where I graduated from and told me that most of their other professionals are from my school. I DOUBT IT.

    Spread the word about these people. They ought to be stopped.

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  100. Oh for heaven's sake, go for facts

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  101. I'm a computer specialist in the Philippines' premier university, the University of the Philippines Diliman and I also took training in the Philippine Military Academy specializing in the intelligence service.
    Now, to verify the integrity of this company. May I ask the land line of your office? I will verify it through your land line.
    If this comment is deleted in this page, then no doubt that all the comments posted here are bogus, meaning, it was done probably by just a single person.
    Are we clear with this?

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  102. Someone called me a minute a go, same story with you guys and then told me to have an interview tomorrow and sabi niya pwede din sa friday 3pm, I told her sa friday nalang kasi ang province namin about 8 hrs drive away from their office, good thing there is internet talga
    kasi I texted her kung anung name ng company, address nila and anung building sila para sure yung pupuntahan ko. She texted me the directions and mentioning white tall building and then I browse the net and luckily I found this site, thank you po, I am planning to go to Pasig this week end sana for that sick interview. Sabi nila be in a business attire and bring resume na daw and told me to be punctual sa time. Wow they are really good in telling lies. I hope na sana wala na silang maloko, I'm thinking about sa mga wala net sa bahay, or hindi na nakapagresearch sa net to get info about the company. I have a feeling that they get all the necessary information sa FACEBOOK,TWITTER and etc.
    NOTE: If you didn't apply in any company then you get a call from someone and ask you for an interview think twice better research the company to get some details.
    Thank you.

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  103. I got the same experience.

    The girl named Keith Lagudgod (i wish the spelling is right) called me up a while ago about an expansion of their company and their looking for recommended and competent individuals to work for them. The girl said that I was recommended by my friend whom she said is an associate of hers in the company.
    The call was so weird because first, she said that she is the SENIOR EXECUTIVE of the company, so it got me thinking, why would an executive and not a human resource officer call me up? Second, the address is already fishy, #41 San Miguel Ave. Teleporformance Bldg. cor. exchange road, ortigas center. I thought that I was invited to apply in a call center so i've researched on the address and came to this site. Too bad for them.
    The woman even told me that I sounded professional and I'm not that kind of person who cancels in the last minute (Kinonsensya pa'ko.. tsk) I'm just sad that my friend is working for them,but I'm glad I came to this site. Thanks so much.

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  104. I have the same story, actually a few mnutes ago when she called. the name is ellen napud for NS Incorporated. she said she's one of the senior executives of the company. thanks for the info. i'm supposed to have a meeting with her this coming saturday. the funny thing is, she said i was recommended by my best friend, and that i came also from la salle (my best friend graduated there). so i have to correct her because i didn't come from that university. thanks for the info guys. ?

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  105. maari po bang malaman kung anu b tlga ang prob sa company na iyon..kc kht aq tnwgan and nkasched aq 4 interview bukas...wla aq nbasa d2 kundi bad comments n hindi nmn maintdihan smantalang kht isa s ngcomment ay hindi nmn ata pumunta...

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  106. Guys, visit this site:

    NU Skin is listed by FORBES as top 5 most trustworthy company.

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  107. OMG!
    A guy called me MARC .. and what joey told is exactly that person told me..

    "about an expansion of their company and their looking for recommended and competent individuals to work for them."

    Thank good i googled this stuff. Because I'm really curious he did not tell every details.

    I was about to go later today. 3pm. Strictly Formal no jeans. be punctual in time. bring resume..

    He only said the address was OCTAGON BUILDING, SAN MIGUEL AVE. ORTIGAS. I'm familiar to that place so I said "saan banda" then (i can't remember clearly, but he said something to do with TELEPERFORMANCE bldg)

    The guy sounded so professional. They are good in lies.

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  108. omg!! all of this stories that i have read was the same thing that happened to me...buti nlng my cousin told me to search for it in the net first! it was around 6pm when my celphone rings then a guy named KEVIN OCOMA told me that there is job available for me..he even told me that a lot of students from my university is working there and that he expect me not to cancel the meeting for it is unprofessional...he even mentioned a high class call center here in the phil. that he used as the company that he was In..The things that he told me would make you feel that it is an opportunity for you...I had a feeling that somethings wrong bec. he just ask me to bring a valid id without a resume or anything..before we hung up he mentioned the address of the said high class call center then on the date that we talked about the address he sent me was this..that thing made me realize that this is all a joke.. he also told me that he would cancel a meeting just for me...i was so bothered because he knows my complete name and my school...Thank God i read this first before i got there..

    so to all new young professionals out there my advice would be to check it out first... before going to things like this...

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  109. HAHAHAHA! thank god i've searched for the address. I knew it!


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  110. same here, few minutes ago... a guy call named Mr. Raymond (09157123228)they are looking for young professionals preferably Rn's for their Health Care Project. They need 2-3 qualified employees. I'm shocked because he knows my name and he also know where i graduated.

    He scheduled me for interview tomorrow at 3pm in 15th floor Linden Suites in front of San Miguel Corp. (back of SM Megamall). He says come in Business Attire and Bring one Valid ID.

    He also indicate to come on time because they follow american time. He told me to become professional not to cancel/ reschedule appointments.

    Thanks to internet and for this site. kinda weird or its a Scam. . . thanks for the info

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  111. I actually just got a phone call from same guy KYLE P asking me if I can come to that same exact address. Well, honestly I got so into it since I am badly looking for a job right now. But I got a little confused when he said that i'll only bring an ID and a pen, wearing a business attire.. I even asked my boyfriend how come he never asked me to bring a resume. So this night, before I got into bed, I search for his name and this site appears.

    Well, I don't find it bad that people from the networking site like him seeks or looks for some people to recruit. One thing that I don't like about it is that they're using a name of a company, like Teleperformance or any other company name.. why don't they just go directly to the real purpose of the call. So they will not be wasting their time and hopes that people will agree and go to that place they're talking about.

    People nowadays are not stupid.

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  112. Gosh, I, too, got a call later this afternoon. Her name is Krissel Ramos. Same story as you guys told.

    Good thing I got on-line to know something about what she's talking about..hayzz..I'm so disappointed with this kind of people.

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  113. BEKE16: DIANA G called me last monday, telling me that i’ve been chosen to be a part of their multi international JOB offering (HEALTH care PROJECT), she gave me the exact details on how to go to that building, (RIDE fx(tekpipe_SIGNBOARD), LINDEN suite HOTEL, TALL white BUILDING, GROUND FLOOR BDO and ROBINSONS bank, go to 15th floor and look for her(MS. DIANA G) wear BUSINESS attire and BRING a valid I.D --->

    i received the same call just this afternoon. im scheduled to meet her on monday Jan.10. I was excited to meet up with her but having read all your stories about it being a scam i think i would cancel my meeting with her now.

    thank you for this blog site.

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  114. SCAM!!!

    Caller: Sherwin M
    Address: 20th floor, Octagon Building, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas.
    Position Available: Junior Executive (freelance project)

    good thing i googled her name and found this thread. Pity for that company...

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  115. same story here,thanks to the power of net surfing..i actually canceled some important appointments just for this said "interview" no details given and just the same text of wearing business attire,bring valid ID and the venue: Teleperformance bldg beside Linden suites in San Miguel, Ortigas Ave...the texter even mistook my name for a guy's name that made the matters even more doubtful..tsk..tsk..thanks for all the post

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  116. last night 730 pm, a guy called my mobile phone, i let my husband answer it thinking it was another agency. then the guy called again just a few minutes ago, he even asked my name. if he really is in a recruitment firm he would know my name. he told me they are looking for a healthcare workers to join their team bound for US and so he told me to come tomorrow at octagon plaza san miguel ave ortigas, he even told me to come in business attire!luckily i opened the net to search for a company in that octagon plaza and then i saw these comments! thanks so much! God knows what to do with people who are honest

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  117. Beware also:
    Caller: Martin Santos
    Cell#: 09175654904
    Assigned schedule for interview: Jan19-3pm

    Sabi ko na nga ba! been in Octagon bldg before di ko lng tanda ung floor#, but I was invited by my college batchmates and found out it was a seminar of NuSkin business carry lng only that di saken cnabi ng friend ko na un pala un, until I got this call from unknown source, he said he was looking to fill training management position due to their expansion for a US Multinational Company, I asked for the name of the company and said its NSC, Inc. I searched the internet and found out company is a software solutions, I felt disappointed kc its not in line with my course, business major ako tapos pang I.T. ung company,so I started thinking why would they hire someone who's business major for training management ng IT company..hayss..WTF! Di ba nila alam pu2yatin nila ko pg nagkataon, my work ako ng nyt! Yoko man magcomment ng masama kaso di nakakatuwa strategy nio, malinaw na panloloko un! STRATEGY bang matatawag ang magcnungaling at manloko sa mga nghahanap ng trabaho! nakakapanginig kau ng laman!

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  118. 'til today ngsearch ako, using the name of the company and bldg address, and found these blogs.. Salamat sa Teknolohiya.. God only knows kung anu nararapat n parusa sa mga cheaters! yumaman man kau sa lupa, pulubi naman kau morally..

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  119. guys.. a guy named Kevin Ocoma called me and said exactly the same thing.. but without any floor # given. He used a Company name "NSIE" just like one of the previous commnets.. Good thing I checked the net, I saw this SCam thing.. thanks guys.. Now I'm relieved. Funny that I'm planning on different companies and I'm excited unlike to this NSIE,Octagon center I felt a bit weird during and after the call.. Goodluck and GodBless. .Thanx

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  120. 15th floor belongs to Teleperformance, hahaha quite a strategy but i guess they saw ur infos through facebook...

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  121. To those defending this company, can you explain to me why they don't tell the people they contact what their company name is, how they got our number and what the job description they are offering is?

    Think wisely people.

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  122. i too called this man named martin..his no.09175654904, inviting me to his office for 15f octagon building, san miguel ave, ortigas..and im asking his company but no reply...

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  123. same story!!! beware..

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  124. guyss, tama kau... ako nung isang araw lng ako tnawagan tpos nd complete yung details... kahina hinala pati white building daw tpos name ng company NS corp. US multinational company. Nagsearched ako sa internet wla naman palang ganon...

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  125. Aw it really sucks I almost got suckered into this to. The company was NSIE, for the 15th Floor of the Teleperformance Building, San Miguel Ave corner Exchange Road, Ortigas, Pasig City.

    What's worse is that the person who called me REALLY was someone I knew back from college (in one of the top three schools in Manila, no less). Like I totally called her to confirm it when I started getting suspicious after reading all of the blogs out there on this thread. Real genius over here I only did an online search around 2 hours before we were supposed to meet..

    Well in my defense she was very evasive and kept telling me it was a "part-time job", for an import-distribution company, and the project was on an "ongoing basis". Her Senior Executive would set up a meeting for either 3pm or 6.30pm.

    When I asked her (very bluntly, cause I'm really not nice) if it was for Sales or for Marketing, or for...a Network Marketing thing, she said "not really, it's more of an imports-distribution thing."

    And when I'd pressed her for more details previously she'd just keep saying that she's not allowed to say anything. Sigh. With no job title even.

    Uh-oh. Well I really hope she KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING.

    Honestly the only way to earn an honest buck these days while waiting for school application results to come in is tutoring.

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    Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, Inc. is headquartered at 15/F Octagon Center, 41 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City, with tel. no. +632-689-0300, Distributor Hotline +632-689-0333, website, and e-mail address
    Our Walk-in Centers are located at:

    Ortigas Walk-in Center
    15/F Octagon Center, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City
    Tel. No. +632.698.0300

    Makati Walk-in Center
    26/F Trafalgar Plaza, H.V. dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati
    Tel. Nos. +632.811.8248 to 49

    Alabang Walk-in Center
    2nd Floor, Building B, BC Group Center, Filinvest Avenue,
    Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781
    Tel. No.+632.403.4005

    Cebu Walk-in Center
    Unit 207-208, The QC Pavilion,
    Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City
    Tel. No. +6332.234.1990

    Pampanga Walk-in Center
    Unit 6, Ground Floor,
    Ascorp Bldg., MacArthur Hi-way,
    St. Dominic Corinthian Subd., Bgy. Dolores,
    San Fernando, Pampanga
    Tel. No. +6332.234.1990

    Iloilo-Bacolod Walk-in Center
    2/F John A. Tan Bldg., Valeria St.
    Iloilo City 5000
    Tel. No. +633.336.8436 to 37


    For more information about Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, Inc., please contact Jolie Gopez-Santos at (632) 689-0312 or Rose Castillon at (632) 689-0324.

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  127. this is not a scam... it's a legitimate company that had been talk shitted by their loosing competitors....

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  128. guys, the truth is you just have to open your mind in everything, hndi kyo pnpilit pmnta sa nuskin ok, they're just giving you the opportunity to have financial freedom, if you believe in negative blogs about nuskin its not their loss, its yours, you should even thank them for giving you such a wonderful opportunity, its funny how people judge a company by blogs, did you even see the real thing??? i guess not, so its your fault, and they dont really care about you because the company gave them financial freedom, habang ikaw nag judge kna hndi mo pa natgnan tlga ang company, nkktawa kyo, im not a part of the company but i know someone who is, and i can see wat nuskin did to them.

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  129. got also a call from a man named kevin even kept me repeating all the adresses and even his name thanks for the reviews i had a feeling this would be another marketing hoax

    beware of this i had to cancel an appointment because of this

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  130. Oh my goodness, I just got a call for the same address from a woman stating that she got my contact details from a third party source. I can't believe that their still at it, I mean it's already 2011.

    The company was NUS International..I could not find any substantial details about it over the internet, which by the way I should since this is a "US based" company working in the RP.

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  131. I really would like to say something about this thing... I really love the internet and it really help us in many many ways... unfortunately, not everything we see in the internet is true. Blogs are made by people who loves writing and flickr or multipy for photographers... I was once doubtful with stuffs i receive in my email and it really was great having the internet to discover scams - saving me from wasting my time and money. But like I said... Blogs are blogs made by people who are traumatized by their experiences, or deceived by people who was bad or unintentionally lead to do stuffs they don't have clear picture of what they do... BUT blogs are not done by respectable, reliable sources. With all honesty, I went there and checked it out. It wasn't that bad. What was interesting for me was that, it was crowded and was full of people clueless with what business was instored for them there... it's NU SKIN..! and it IS a MULTINATIONAL BUSINESS very well-known in the United States, Japan, Canada and more... how did I know this... I researched... I even stayed to meet this person who saw me standing in one corner and he entertained me to listen to this talk... It is Nu Skin and it is MLM. No wonder why it was such a controversy. Filipinos hates MLM... no Wonder why these people calls you and not telling what business awaits for you there.... But like Avon, Tupperware, Herbalife... These are also Direct Selling businesses that we know that are not scams... Nu Skin is well known by my relatives in the US and it is also under the structure of MLM over there like Amway... I just want to stress out that MLM is a good business IF YOU ARE GOOD IN MATH, OPEN-MINDED and VERY SMART to SCAM...!!! reading it in the internet is not smelling... hehehe! anyways... It was fun being there but I didnt sign up because I needed to meet somebody up north for a business appointment. I do buy and sell of cars kasi and I only went there because of the curiosity what was at the 15th floor of Octagon.

    here are the videos in youtube explaining the MLM and the products they sell... check it out.

    --and after researching I discovered that NuSkin is on it's 25th year in the industry of anti-aging. not bad.

    Again, check it out... there's nothing wrong to see and discover your fear to be wrong.

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  132. actually ang problema rito ay ang open mindedness ng mga tao. at this day and age open mindedness is critical. dapat nga yun ang pinapalabas sa tv eh nde ung mga typical na love triangle na yan.

    so far i’ve been there, seen it, done it and learned from it. i’m one of those open minded people who took the risk to participate. and to my experience wala akong pinagsisisihan. marami akong life lessons na natutunan sa floor na yan.

    to those people who judge at the ‘swing of their swords’ kindly be careful. because our minds are like parachutes, if their not open, we eventually fall and die.

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  133. the post above was taken from this blog of someone with positive feedback about 15th floor. please check it out... thanks!

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  134. Thanks guys! for the info.

    I got a caller name KEvin OCOMA he introduced that they need junior excutive. nagulat naman ako.. kala ko naman kung sino tumawag sa akin and the first place wala naman po inaaplayan. they i ask him kung saan nakuha phone ko..sabi nya third party.. then sabi ko anong company NSIE daw.. hindi naman nya sinabi kung anong floor.. sabi nya sa akin dala daw ako ng valid id.. then dapat daw naka office or corporate attire. at kug makatawag pa parang wala man lang kapolite polite.. at parang hinanabol kala mo may utang ka tinatakbuhan... so i try to search on net the said company then i found this blog.. plan ko pa naman sana pumunta pero thanks guys for enlighten me . and beside its really suspicious kasi nga 3 mins.. my oras n pala ang interview.. and beside nagtaka lng ako how come alam nya name ko... eto yong number na pinantawag sa akin 09167290404. sana wala na sila mabiktima. sana matigil na ang ganitong kalakaran. at sana naman wag yong kapwa pinoy nila ang biktimahin hindi maganda.

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  135. i just got the same call early this afternoon. the guy said the same details and my brother advised me to research about the company. the guy on the line said they're from US BIOTECHNOLOGY and they needed people for the company. He asked me if im available tomorrow at 6:30pm or 3pm on wedenesday. I said maybe tomorrow at 6:30pm. He said, "professional ka naman siguro so i guess pupunta ka ha". He sounded like he was really in a hurry and he can't answer my other questions. he said he'll just text me the details. He asked me to bring a valid ID, come in office attire and the address was 15th flr octagon bldg, san miguel ave. ortigas. i even texted the number (09267021419) that he used and asked if what the job is about. looked it up on the internet and to my surprise, found this thread with the same issue.

    im just being extra careful, you cannot trust everybody these days.

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  137. omg! until this time may ganito parin palang scam! muntik nako magoyo and thanks God kasi nagresearch muna ko about the location of that company bago ako pumunta!!this time ang info nmn na binibigay nila ay about this AGE LOC company,same building pero walng floor na indicated...Girl ang caller and her name is JEAN EMBAY super scary kasi alam nya yung name ko...and pinapapili pa nya ko kung sa ayala or alabang ang gusto kong location tsk tsk...


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  139. May tumawag din sa akin kanina same add din ung binigay may interview ako bukas at 6:30 victoria rodriguez. Weird lng kasi alam niya ung name ko at kung saan ako galing na school and number ko. Punta ako bukas check ko.

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  140. I just got a call from certain Jay-Anne from NUS International, said they were looking for young professionals to work for a U.S. based company who's going to launch there new products here in the Philippines. She said that NUS is like a head-hunter and that they are affiliated with this "U.S. based company". I asked her if it is a call center, she answered "no". I tried to at least get the name of the company which they are affiliated to but she said she can't disclose it. So, I asked for the address(#41 Teleperformance Bldg. San Miguel ave. ) and gave her my availability thinking that she was offering me a good job. I even called up my friends to invite them because we are really on job hunting these days. Good thing I thought of researching first about NUS and that's why I landed here on this site. What made me doubtful about that call I received from NUS were first: Jay- Anne didn't proactively give her name on set of the call which doesn't happen if a call center or any company invite you for a job application. So it was me who asked for her name that's why I learned that i was talking to a certain Jay-Anne. Second, she was talking too fast and seemed like driving or was out of the office when she made the call. I had to let her repeat their company's name because her signal was going in and out. And third, she asked me to confirm on the said date I was scheduled for the "meet-up" because she said she didn't know yet to what floor they will be doing the "hiring" or whatever you call it! Now I learned that this type of calls are actually coming from the marketing arm of NU SKIN here in the Phils. I am familiar with it, because when I was younger I was able to use their products (soap actually) since I have an aunt in JAPAN who also used to be an avid user of NU SKIN soap. This is not actually a scam but to those people who are behind these calls, to tell you frankly, you are not doing the right thing in recruiting sales agents. You are giving them the impression that you are scamming them. The least you can do is to be honest in your invitation. No need to be evasive if you will be asked about the details. I have high regards for NU SKIN. Like what I've said, I was able to use the soap and I could say it was really good. I always see NU SKIN as a very prestigious company with high standard products. Please don't ruin that impression. Maybe you can change your strategy. I myself would love to help increase the sales of NU SKIN products and make it known for every Filipino.

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  141. grabe dami tlga mga ganyang mga modus. ingat ingat

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  142. A guy named Brian James called me awhile ago. With the mobile number 09157807863. Beware. To Blah Girl, Thank you very much! This post has been very helpful.

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  143. just got a call from a certain kyle (09156880875) - project director of churky-churky...

    luckily i do have a net within reach and have some time to check his name and i found this page..

    thanks guys for spreading this topic.. yes.. everyone should know of his propaganda..

    again, thanks!

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  144. I have the same story, actually a few mnutes ago when she called. The name is Ms.Garcia, she said she’s one of the COO of the company. I’m supposed to have a meeting with her next Thursday. The girl sounded so professional. Thanks for the info.

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  145. WOW!, I was shocked after reading your comments. I was previously invited and asked (as it is required) to shell out 21,500 for a kit.

    But I don't think the company is a scam. They are just not doing business the way most of us expect. :)

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  146. i just got a call also! like 5 minutes ago. this is scary. how do these people get our contact info?! they even know my school, full name and of course cellphone. this is very weird! thanks for the heads up!

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  147. dami manloloko...grrrhhh.............! ako din natawagan...!

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  148. Guys thanks sa mga comment kahit ako din naghinala bute may internet dto na tumulong sakin got a call from a while ago...

    I am not saying na panget ang networking pero all we ask is HONESTY... alam nyo un???

    given na walang harm na mangyayari sainyo dun???
    pero andun padin tau sa ponit na NANGLOLOKO kayo ng tao by giving vague and sometimes false information...

    hinde nyo alam madami na ding "stupid" ang pumunta dun at nag cancel ng mga appointments sa ibang tao dahil napapniwala nyo sila na you are looking for them to fill in for a position...

    hahahaha but at the end of the day... wala kaung ma ooffer na job for their specific fields of work!

    GOd Bless GUys walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko or we can say na
    before going to an appointment na hinde kau familiar make sure to surf the internet and look for a blog na yun ang topic you will be relieved na nakastumble kau sa isang information na sobrang useful....

    Like this thanks ms. Blah!

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  149. kakatawag lng sakin kanina abigail anus ang name 3 pm on friday ang sced na binigay nya sobra akong kinakabahan kaya nagresearch number pa naman ng mother ko 2mawag grabee...hindi naman ako young pro ehh!!!maid lng naman ehhh!!!!

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  150. someone called me recently..the guy said he is from a company named Synergy one and needs me for an interview on this address...of course, i dont plan on going there cause it sounds fishy..and now I googled it and voila..i saw this i know what they really need..thanks to everyone here...BEWARE of this address..15th flr Octagon center bldg, San Miguel Ave, Pasig City..

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  151. I think their getting people's info on job search websites...

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  152. TUMAWAG SA AKIN..TILL NOW PATULOY PARIN ATA.. now im having 2nd thoughts if ill go to that place..

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  153. kung di ito totoo, wala nman sigurong mag cocomment ng ganito ka rami..hmmm...

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  154. ako naman, im supposed to go to 16th flr, octagon bldg at NSE Philippines today for a job that 'would not interfere with my current job and will give significant additional income.' i confirmed when i got the call last tuesday.

    buti na lang, google was very helpful and i was lead to all these info.

    Nu Skin pala siya. In fairness, two of my friends are Nu Skin dealers and ok naman ang products nila. I was able to try some of their products and in fairness, these two friends are significantly earning --- so para siyang Avon or Sara Lee lang din naman. Pero ang difference, medyo magshe-shell out ka ng thousands of pesos as investment.

    It's just that di kasi ako talaga seller in nature so I texted her back and I said I am cancelling my appointment. I told in my text that I researched the company and I found out it's Nu Skin and that I'm not fit for the job.

    Nakakaloka lang how they deceive people, tapos sasabihan ka pa ng 'You sound professional so you'll be there.' E sila nga yung alang professionalism sa ginagawa nila.

    Then I just got this text lang: 'yes its Nuskin. Ikaw naman, kinondemn muna sarili mu your not fit! Y dont u give urself a chance to see this first. since its not commital. baka ito pa magpabago sa buhay mu.'

    Funny. Pero deadma na lang.:)

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  155. Thank God for internet indeed, just got the call 1 hour ago.. and she scheduled me for an interview tomorrow morning.. I asked what the job is all about and if she can e-mail me more details, but she said she can't disclose the details due to some confidentiality bond with their clients and she can only talk to me about it personally,,she said she will meet me at Starbucks but I asked about their office and she said she cant meet me there because it opens at 10am on Saturdays,,she also said that they hired a head hunter that got my name for this "project",,

    After the call, I tried looking for her name and the company profile, and found nothing,, so I texted her again for the company name,, she texted me back LeadGlobal Inc, and the company is a blue chip company listed in NYSE, so i asked if its NU Skin / Pharmanex and she called me back,, she told me honestly it is NUSkin,, she then explained that there is a new product etc.etc., and I can be a part of the Sales or Marketing team,, I respectfully declined the interview and told her I have been to one of Nuskin's seminars before through a friend and like before I am still not into the business,,

    I personally think there is nothing wrong with the company, I believe it is legit but the way they get people is a bit wrong since they do not give out details that make people think and expect,especially in this hard times people will jump into any job opportunity they can get, but some people are just not into sales / networking,, so it is a waste of time when you come there and find it as not exactly as what you are expecting,,

    So there, just sharing I hope this helps,,

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  156. Same here someone called me din na ganyan... He gave his name, but didnt give his company name and exact address. He just texted me directions of how to get there. Its a White building with BDO in the ground floor, near Linden Suites daw and beside OMM Citra Building. So when i search the exact location in google map, i saw Teleperformance Octagon Building. Then i searched sa net about this building and found out that it is where Nu Skin is. Well the truth is, i really don't have anything against the company and its members. I just hope that they be straight forward and tell people about the company's nature, its name and exact location so that it won't cause any confusion or doubts.

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  157. A guy (forgot his name) called me up just minutes ago. 3pm perhaps? Cell number: (+63916) 619-13-20

    He's from NSIE. I asked him this twice. He kept blabbing about it, American Company and all. I had doubts already. He even knew my whole name and the university where I am currently in. Asked my course in the university, I gave out a fake one. Since my doubts were still present.

    I wanted to shut the phone down. But it'd be so rude. I still had doubts about this. He was also asking for my class schedule since he wanted to talk to me about the company and all. I told him I was fully booked. He asked me if I was free on weekends. Meeting would be 3pm or 0630pm; which time is more preferable to me? I still told him I was fully booked. He asked me how about wednesdays? I still told him the same thing, I'm fully booked and made some lame excuse that finals is coming up, so that's why I'm so busy.

    He told me that he'd call me again so he could meet me and talk to be about the NSIE Company. Still not convinced and not believing such.

    Good thing, after I put the phone down, I researched, and that's how I got stumbled here. I stumbled first on Wiki, then this.
    (The NSIE info I got from Wiki:

    Thanks for all those who commented here. Let's help others not to get scammed too.

    At least I know what to do when he calls again.
    What I don't understand is, how'd he get all my info? I don't post any on Facebook, especially my cellphone number. My Facebook is filtered (thoroughly) to people I know completely.

    How in the first place, would an American company/multi-national company contact a person in such a tacky way? How, also, did they obtain information? Always a busy background and these people are always on a hurry.

    Another note, this "calling" scam happened to me three times already. Do they have a system? Or are they just to desperate? The first two calls were women. Last one (this one) is a guy. The first lady's first name was Anne/Ann. She called me five times during wee hours. What a professional. They don't answer text messages, they call. Probably because they don't want any "evidence" from what they are practicing/doing.

    Before I end this, I also asked him to email me information about what he was talking about, he told me his email was confidential. Bullocks. Who would not give out information about a multi-national company? And he even told me their website is still in progress. So I cannot have access to it.

    The company's real name is NuSkin International, Inc.
    Infos about this:

    Have a great scam-free day everyone. :)

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  158. Now i just got a call today from Ms Kate she knows everthing about me she has database of information. she said junior executive something. and attend around 6:30pm i just found out through this blog and made everything clear. they know how to deceive people. thanks but no thanks. i ain't comin girl. here's her phone number 09278677356

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  159. Hay nako. i have just received a call today where the guy was also saying the same exact info: US MULTINATIONAL COMPANY NS CORP, 3-min call,etc. They are inviting me for training for the management daw. When i kept asking about the the exact location of their office,he cannot tell me right away. Dun pa lang,duda na ako. Also, if they were a legitimate company, easily searchable ang company name pero wala nga. Besides that,the guy sounded so desperate to give me a schedule for an interview yet sounded aloof whenever i ask him about the company. Ingat kayo!

    Pati itong OPTIMA FUTURANCE CONSULTANTS or OFC Inc., balita ko scam din. I had my interview from the company and they immediately hired my after an exam and the interview on the same day. They then asked me to attend an orientation the next meeting with a P350 requirement payment for my own insurance daw. Tama ba naman yun? Besides, the "office" was very very small and all of the staff looked unprofessional. They ALL seemed to be only in their early to mid 20's. I do not intend to say bad things about this company but I'm just merely suggesting na nakakapanduda lang talaga. Here is their online job post:

    DIRECT HIRING!!! We are NOT an agency.





    *18-40 years old
    *High school graduate, college level / college graduate of any course
    *fresh graduates are encourage to apply
    *with or without experience as long as you are willing to be trained
    *willing to assign in any position based on your qualification



    INTERESTED APPLICANTS MAY SEND THEIR RESUME TO ******* (text me once you sent your resume) 09*********

    MR.**********) OF OFC INC.


    You can go directly in our office, heres the address, just follow the instruction:

    4th Floor Room 419 AIC building, Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City (at the back of RobinsonĂ¢s Galleria, beside 7 eleven convenience store)




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  160. Btw, if this really is Nuskin, perfectly understandable naman ang kanilang style of marketing. It's just that they have to think of a better way of promoting it kasi iniisip agad ng mga tao na scam yun dahil sa approach nila. Hindi mo naman masisisi ang makabilang panig sa panahon ngayon na marami talagang manloloko.

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  161. I got to wonder, why is this so rampant? I got similar calls 3X! Before the 3rd call, I came from the US and was able to visit Salt Lake, Utah. Nandoon na rin lang, I visited the NuSkin office. Man! It is legit!! When I went there last month, they just completed the purchase of a street! KALYE ang binili nila to expand their R&D facility. I met senior people and those who have helped a lot people become millionnaires. One was only 26 years old! Sabi ko, BAKET?!

    I came back and in the middle of my sleep (jet lag kasi), ma tumawag, ganoon na naman sinabi. So I said, call me back after 8 hours. I wanted to investigate, why such a prestigious company is using such an approach (don't like to label kasi ayokong ma-label din -- alam nyo na, whatever you do.... blah blah).

    So, tumawag ang girl. (no names ha...). this was how the conversation went.
    "Hi Joan... I called back as promised. I mentioned to you about ....." (yun na...)
    "_______, may i be honest with you? Alamko na na Nuskin yan. I believe that the company is good. What I don't believe in is bakit ganyan ang approach ninyo? Misteryoso at in the guise of recruiting for a company?"

    This is what I gathered (paraphrasing):
    when people find out it is Nuskin, they are outrightly rejected because of the ff reasons:
    (1) some are not educated about network marketing. when you hear the word network marketing or MLM, automatically, they associate this to a scam;
    (2) this is so because of some unscrupulous individuals who used the network marketing strategy (note, networking is not the biz, its a system) to deceive people to giving them their money
    (3) Some who tried to do the biz failed and the bad experience is shared and labeled as a scam.... eh hindi ka nga nagtrabaho ng tama anoh! magfe-fail ka nga!

    My conclusion? Nuskin is a good company and their products are good. I saw the demo. I'm about to buy their supplements. I browsed "NYSE #1 in commission" and the ticker came out sa NSU, nuskin.
    Second, people would prefer to point a finger at something else when they fail rather than take responsibility for thier failure. In the process, the company's name becomes tainted. Third - try drawing an organizational chart, mostly, it forms a pyramid. BTW, pyramid pala is not the same as MLM. I am connected with a sales organization, guess how they work on their distribution? Network distribution. Formalized nga lang. So I got to thinking, each person that comes and joins the company as a distributor is actually building his own organization of distributors. If you draw and org chart of these distributors, ganoon di ang itsura. Sarili ko pa ang business.
    4th - admittedly, the approach of this group of people is deceptive. They are working around scarcity mentality...." I need to find biz partners now!" Instead of "There will be others out there who can see what I see and grow with me."
    5th - How can a company that has been around for 26 years and is engaged in charity work around the world be a scam?
    6th - ah yes... it's human nature to be scared of the unknown

    BOTTOMLINE: do your due diligence. Research. Don't repeat the words of other people. Don't be a SNIOP (susceptible to negative influences of other people). Use that big tool behind your ears. If you do, you might stumble upon a rare opportunity that may change your life.

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  162. Hi,

    Thanks sa info. May tumawag din kasi sa girlfriend ko na ganito din ang modus. Naisip ko lang...
    Meron ba tayo pwedeng isampang kaso or reklamo sa kanila para matigil na sila?

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  163. ako rin nabiktima =( i was soo excited pa naman, you know getting an experience. im glad i listened to my girlfriend, she thinks its not good. a girl named cherry called me from US multi-national corporation. i think they've changed some details in their schemes. pagkasagot ko ng fon ang alam lang nya nickname ko. we'll sabi ko rin I declined since you can't provide me who referred me to you, hehehe..

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  164. Hi.

    A certain Ms. Arcilla called me yesterday evening and also told me to go to this Octagon Bldg in San Miguel Ave. I wasn't able to get the company name and the position cause I don't understand her clearly when we were talking. Anyway, she gave me a time and date to choose from if when will I be available, if it is fri @ 3p. or saturday @ 10a. She also told me din na I do sound professional enough when she's talking to me on the phone so she confirm if I can really make it on my preferred time. Pinaulit nya din sakin ung address and I also must attend on time and be on business attire. When I ask her again the position, she told me na titingnan pa daw nila sa araw ng interview ko kasi mag uundergo ako ng training on that day and titingnan daw nila kung makakayanan ko yung training. From that parang nagduda na ako. So I think, networking nga din yung invite na yun sakin. They've got my details daw on jobstreet.

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  165. Hi,

    I was also called yesterday march 6.... pinakausap ko sia sa girlfriend ko...hinahanap dw ako...svi ng girlfriend q wla ako...svi ng caller " ikw ba c ____(name ng girlfrnd ko) gulat ung girlfriend ko bat xia kilala e d nmn xia ngpasa ng resume dun at pno nia nlman ung name.tntnong xia kung interisado xia sa job yes nlng g.f ko tpos cnvi nlng nia my kausap xia sa nxt line ngduda na kxi g.f ko....tsk..grbe pti bckground ng tntwagn nla alm...

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  166. i got the same call from someone with chinese sounding name. but, i became a little suspicious since the names of the building and the company were not mentioned. when i texted back to get more info, i was informed that i will be notified further the next day before i go there at 6:30 pm. What he mentioned was the floor where the interview is going to be conducted. i wonder where they got our numbers. He knows where i am working too.

    i was praying for guidance then, and i opened this site. thanks.

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  167. Kristalyn Hazel March 15, 2011 at 9:50 PM

    hey! I recieved the same call yesterday
    from a Grace Non using this no. 09053493838
    whoa!. Good thing I researched on this one. I was about to go to that address tomorrow..the offers were just the same. NS International was what the girl told me and that they got their cp no. from a third party..
    it's really good to be cautious indeed..

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  168. Darrel Buen R tayao March 22, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    Good thing now a days that we already have an easy access in the internet....

    I, my self called by the girl named Jinky alener whose number is 09163482929, she told me that i have and interview for MSE international on March 22, 2011 3pm at Octagon blg, San Miguel Ave. Pasig city, so i researched their company and found nothing so i decided to include the place and found these comments..
    thank's for all your comments guys, now i knew that this is just a scam..

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  169. OMG! I just got thesame call from a woman named MS. Julie Guadalupe. I kept asking what their company is all about - what they offer. A service? A product? But, I didn't get any answer. She said she's from US Biotechnology Company located at the 15th Floor of Teleperformance Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas. She said they are currently looking for people who would help out in their expansion. She scheduled me for presentation this coming Saturday at 4PM. What came first into my mind was that this must be a networking company or sort of pyramiding scheme. After the conversation, I immediately googled the company and this is where I am directed. Negative feedback/blogs/articles targeting their poor marketing strategy - kaya lumalabas na para silang SCAM. Previous responses said it is NuSkin Company - offering food supplements. I wonder why the caller didn't just say the real score? The name of the company, the product they offer (are they not proud of it? are they hiding something?) and how people could earn... they could just sum it up on that 2-min call. Atleast, I could have a background. They just schedule people for sort of interview or presentation. Besides, having all these negative comments? - if ever I would get in their company, it's a BIG CHALLENGE to market their product (with all these negative scores coming from various prospects they called).

    Daig pa nila ang mga agents ng credit cards and insurances - they know all your background! I surely wouldn't go. (I am sorry, Ms. Guadalupe. You said I sounded professional over the phone but, I don't buy it.... all these!)

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  170. OMG!!! Thanks God i researched. A guy called up just a while ago. Whew! That was closed.

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  171. Lol!!! Sabi ko n nga b networking toh eh!

    Lmao.i just recieved a phone call from my friend back in highschool, and he said the exact same words. but instead, he said that they are looking for Health Care Professionals, blah blah blah and I'm scheduled for an interview in Linden Tower.

    Well, I am a nurse and we all know that being a nurse here in the Philippines isn't that much financially rewarding. But I'll never stoop so low just to earn money.

    So to all my colleagues out there, please don't believe this crap. I don't want my fellow healthcare practitioners to be victimized by these people.

    I pity my friend because he got involved with these scammers. I just hope he gets out of this mess before something bad happens to him.

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  172. Same here....I was just about to go there but for some reason something is really bugging me so for the last 2hrs before my appointment i check through internet but i couldnt find something useful until I found this site.

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  173. I got a call from someone I knew. He didn't told me the exact job offer, except that they are in need of part time workers. He just gave me the address, and my initial approach is to apply Googleology.

    NuSkin was the name of the company, but found out that the job was not related to the job I was expecting which is Nursing.

    After carefully analyzing many of the comments. They seem to be a good company, but I'm not just interested in marketing or selling, whatever you call it.

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  174. I got a call from Kevin Ocoma, this time, the address is at Muntinlupa City. He said their company was looking for 3 Junior Executives. He also said that he got my profile from the University of Santo Tomas, which is correct. But then, everything was fishy right from the start because he was in a way guessing in the phone and that he gave only the address of the company and not explained the nature of their company. - I asked, and the only information he gave is the initials; NSIE. Same old story. . . What a shame. Paki-pasa pagka-basa kung mahal mo kapwa mo na matinong Pilipino.

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  175. Just got call recently from a lady named Kor. Same method as above. She knows where I graduated, they are looking for a nurse, a US based company etc. Sa Saturday daw start ng orientation in business attire, sa sobrang excitement ayan napaoo ako. Wala namang mawawala eh. 8-10 hours a week. Saka I can choose naman if I grab it or not. The difference is they have two offices and they will text me na lang daw the address, nung Saturday tumawag until now di pa rin nagtetext. I'm still hoping na magtext sino ba naman ang ayaw ng part time job sa ngayon di ba? plus the fact that it is near in my place. Out of curiosity nagsearch ako sa net and found this blog. I have nothing against sa business especially ngayon na I'm convinced na networking is not bad, it's just that may mga tao lang talaga na sadyang gahaman sa pera. I'm now connected na din kasi sa VMOBILE same business MLM, but not same method. Walang lokohan just pure endorsements. If you don't want the business then you have a freedom to say no. Wala pang negative feed back, blogs or comments. Before I join un muna una kong ginawa, thanks to google.

    you can check this out

    If you're interested here you can text me 09226432178 or email me -Shey

    God Bless to us.

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  176. I was wondering , panu nila nalalaman ang personal information mo nang wala ka namang na-didisclose nun

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  177. Yes! yes! we dont give a damn if its scam or not what I hate most is not telling the truth. Its like you have to lie just to force us to go to your networking stuffs or whatever that is. Even if you said its not a scam, but the fact that your forcing us to go there and lie really turns me off. I really dont like networking, so dont bother me to go there. I hate it when you have to force us to go to your networking you guys are so wasting my time! Thanks for this post =) your a money saver. Commuting to this place will be a waste of my money and they didnt even consider that.

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  178. me too.. i receive col..yesterday..ang pinagatataka ko lang...paano po kaya nila nakukuha yung mga cell no. then when they col up,alam pa nila ful name mo..

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  179. Hi i just received a phone call from CLARIS BUTALID (i know its not her real name).. I was also surprised that they knew where i presently work and i asked her what other information she have under my name and where did she get that information. She said that she got my records from a referral program. Then she said that there was a position open for trainers to help them manage people for their business. She even said that i qualified because im a professional with quality.. after settling an appointment with her this coming friday, i sent her a message asking her the name of the company she works for. she said its U. S. BIOTECH. hmm. later on, i felt so anxious about the offer because i knew that i didnt submit a resume to any firms 2 years ago.. so i was doubtlful that somebody can call me to instantly offer a job with an interesting position.

    I googled it and i found comments here about this fake offers. they will try to get your attention by offering things not normally given right away when applying for a job. plus they will ensure you additional income which eveyrbody would gladly accept. haay.. thank GOD that we have this internet. This saves everything..

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  180. i worked in a insurance firm before. our company usually buy "leads" (these are list of persons with phone numbers or sometimes with credit card numbers) from banks or any firms that has records of their client. These are normal in the U.S. they are selling their clients information to a third party company for sales purposes. kaya madami nagrereklamo jan kung bakit may tumatawag sa knila knowing their personal information.

    if you notice sa lahat ng naka postpaid plan like me sa mga telecoms natin dito, may mga narereceive kayong mga text about personal loans from a bank. simply because they sell our numbers to those third party. it happened to me 3 days after availing the postpaid sim. imagine that, may mga nagtetext na agad sakin about personal loans. wala pa nga nkakaalam ng number ko because my prepaid sim was still the one im using.

    gusto ko sana magcomplain pero hinyaan ko na lang. text lang nmn un pero kung makulit at tawag ng tawag dun na siguro ako gagawa ng move..

    Hope this info helps..

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  181. [...] [...]

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  182. I got a call the other day from someone, and he said the exact same things mentioned here in this blog. I was so naive and was actually about to go, then my boyfriend told me to research about the company first. I was told to go to a Teleperformance building, so I assumed it was a call center. I'm 17, so I was all, "Hey, I need the extra cash." Then he said that he's from NSIE, so I researched that and this blog came up.

    Ohmygod, so not going to that!

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  183. hahahah.. buti na lang may internet.. around 8pm last night naka received ako ng call, leo ortiz daw sya.. nagulat ako kasi alam nya full name ko and other info.. ni recommend nga daw ako ng school ko sa company nila.. i was scheduled to have "initial interview as a management trainee" daw sa saturday (April 30, 2011), 1:30pm sa 15th flr ng octagon building, room 154.. hindi din nabanggit un name ng company, basta, international company daw sya..
    tinawagan ko un school ko, sabi kung may mga company man daw na naghahanap ng part time, magpapajob fair daw sila and highly confidential daw mga info namin.

    grabe, tas nagsearch ako.. ang dami ko nakita about the 15th flr of octagon building..
    tskkkk.. pano kaya nila nalalaman mga info ng mga tintawagan nila?.

    tnx guys!!!

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  184. someone called me too, by the name of Ms Arcilla. thew same story you guys told. i hope they stop doing this kind of stuff. kawawa naman mga naghahanap ng trabaho. buti nalang im not interested to work for now.

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  185. thanks for the infos. somebody called me a while ago. she gave me the same address which most of you guys were also given. teleperformance building behind megamall. what made me search for their company in the internet is because I already became suspicious when I asked the girl who called me how she got my number, but she can't say or give any valid reason for having my infos. she just said that it came from a third party and that she can't trace where she got my number. not a very good excuse. glad that there is such a site as this to inform other possible victims of that company.

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  186. Just a word of warning to all:

    If something sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is.

    Ask questions everytime and never give out your personal info to seemingly suspicious callers.

    We all live in a world full of scammers and predators.

    Verify, verify and verify.


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  187. i have the same experience also...
    someone called me, at exactly 5:38pm. it was a 4 minute conversation...
    a lady, from multi international company asked me if i was interested to have part/full time job in their company... her name was *JENET, JHENET, GENET...
    she used this no. 09496425767...
    i was scheduled to have an interview with them, tomorrow at 3pm... and bring a valid I.D. and wear a formal/ semi-formal attire...
    i asked her where will i find their company, she said it was a 10 mins. ride from SM Megamall.. she will give further instructions after i went their..
    because of my excitement, i search for it and i read this blog... and i read the same experience...
    THANK GOD... and thanks to all of you... i was not able to be scammed...

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  188. i also got the same experience. this someone allan lopez called me, and said the same things. good thing i searched for the company first, and thanks to all the comments. :)

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  189. I also received a call yesterday regarding a part time job, Teleperformance bldg., 15th floor, business attire, US rate, etc. I'm not really interested so to cut the conversation with the lady, I said yes to her invitation this Saturday. I really have no plans of going because its funny how she called me by my nickname, saying that she got my contact details from my school.... so from there I knew its a scam. Until I saw this post in my email! here's the number 0915-5141877

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  190. This happened to some friends of mine too. They joined NU skin. It is such a scam. It looks so good and promising, and then when you join it, feeling mo talaga u can earn big because your "team heads" will tell you some lie that if you just recruit more people, you can earn XXXX amount every month (or even sooner if you follow a method alled "fast track"). Its really horrible. A friend of mine even sold her PHP 50, 000 laptop, when her team head forced her that it was a good decision, saying that she will get back the money, and more next month anyway. nakakaawa talaga how some people get sucked in this scam of "easy" money.

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  191. bakit d nyo i report s tulfo kay raffy or any tulfo brothers n may tv program pra ma i setup sila for entrapment at ng matapos n yang scam nila.good thing at aware kayo s mga ganyang klaseng scam kwawa rin yung mga jobseekers n ngppkahirap mghanap ng work e in the long run ma scam pa.these kind of people are the lowest kind of scums on earth preying innocent people who wants to make a decent living.sooner or later they will get what they really deserve....sweet justice...

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  192. please be aware that there are alot of scammers lurking around the country just some helpful tips if the offer is too high or too promising for the certain job chances are it is too good to be true,i myself almost fell on a scam from the nigerian scammers offering more than what i am asking for the items i am trading online. good thing that i already read some blogs like this about scams and medyo aral na rin ako to handle things like this, this kind of blogs are very helpful it educate people to be aware of scam/s and lousy gimmicks.

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  193. These are the reasons why legit MLM company got too many negative comments. Takot na tuloy agad ang mga tao na makita ang large picture in a networking business. 'lam nu b na ang Avon, MSE, franchising, and so many other compnies r built in a networking scheme. But, they r very much legit and truly made/making members earn real money. Sad lng kse some takes advantage or destroys the very essence of the business.

    All I can then say is be careful that u will be a victim of this kind of mispresentation. But also, don't be so negative towards this kind of business. I am a living witness to the benefits this kind of business can give. I helped a lot of people too, by selling our product.

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  194. Just to add in this thread; before way back 1988 - 1993 I joined a 100% Filipino company and they used the system of network marketing, they succeed for many years in the business nobody looses, all are happy one big family!!!! During those times... to be continue... sad to hear the stories nowadays : C

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  195. Hi,
    this is definitely a NUSKIN marketing. i was called also few months ago but was actually referred by a friend who called me beforehand that he gave my name to a company who was inviting him. i asked him for details he was not able to obtain some too. as expected, the company called me. as i was already expecting it i was not as reluctant. i simply asked for details but they said that they cannot divest them over the phone but would rather meet in person. Same place as mentioned above, octagon building 15th floor and so on. I got sick and had to reschedule several time. honestly i didnt want to go but they kept calling still for the new schedule. eventually, i gave it and set an appointment. i think she felt my hestitation since she empahsized that's its a non-committal appointment and will just be introduced to the company and its new products which they are planning to launch and which i was to be part of. I was not told to wear business attire but was told not to wear slippers or shorts. i came wearing jeans and shirt only and ballet flats. To be honest i was scared but i know the place and was confident that nothing will happen. we met in octagon and i attended an orientation and met the people there. when i got there i saw the NUSKIN sign and i knew immediately what was happening. they were recruiting marketers. I knew about nuskin before as a friend of mine was selling some before but quite pricy.

    Anyway, i was introduced to their products and if i wanna join i should buy a kit and so on. Since im a student they accommodated me on the cheapest way to join. they even gave me a test makeover using their products. eventually i joined and use their products since they are very effective. and abe to avail of their big discounts for members.

    as regarding to the no-information on calls. i know its quite like a scam...i told them that too. they asked me, why i still came...i said i was curious. They said that the reason for that is that the only people who actually came are those driven of their desire to earn more and not simply for the opportunity to do so. Its like saying, if u didnt take the risk, u were not willing to explore and you have no drive to succeed in nuskin. I can tell u the products are great and they are a multibillion company. very legit but its not for everyone since its quite expensive and for those who want to sell.

    I do not sell the products, im telling u that im a consumer with discounts only. im not saying this to save nuskin and all but im telling you my experience. i found this site thru my multiply.

    anyway, i hope this was informative.

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  196. Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I am not from NuSkin. However, I have tried using NuSkin products and yes, they are expensive but effective.

    Their style is to arouse curiosity - for you to go & convince you to sign up once you're there. Admittedly, it's easier to convince someone to sign up & eventually buy when it's face to face rather than on the phone. That's a fact. Especially for Filipinos.
    True there are a lot of scammers. But just as one of the posters said - NuSkin is legit. It's just their marketing style. It's different, it's unique. They probably have proven that given that kind of style, they were able to get distributors to sign up easily - no sweat! Let us differentiate a scam from a unique marketing style. Scam is outrightly conning you into something that they promise but eventually did not make good - or worst - there is really nothing to look forward to. With NuSkin & their marketing style, you have something to look forward to. Yeah, you're going to spend, but in exchange of several products as well. Yeah, it is networking but you've got to work hard if you want to achieve the monetary returns you'd like.
    Bottom line - just because your expectations are not met does not mean that it's a scam. It's still your choice. When you succumb to their marketing style and go to their office, you'd be presented with a sales presentation and everything will be explained to you outright. Now you have a choice whether to pursue or just tell them a blatant NO. Yeah, sure you've wasted your time but it still was your choice. It's just that, your expectations of landing an ideal job based on your standards was not fulfilled. That's not a SCAM. It's unfulfilled expectations.
    You can't sue them for this! It's their marketing style. And their business is legit and in existence. They don't con you - they just arouse your interest and tickle your curiosity. Remember the adage - Curiosity kills the cat? That's what happened to you.
    So don't accuse them of scamming you - perhaps you're too desperate to have a job that you went or perhaps you were too curious at what they have to offer. Again - let's put things in their proper perspective. I just give credit where credit is due. If you don't want to go, then don't. But just in case you went, and your expectations are not the way you want it - don't go telling the world it's a SCAM - because it is not!
    Just my two cents worth!
    It's about time to remove that crab mentality. God made you to choose - and you've got brains - choose wisely! Hehehehehe.

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  197. I got a call also from these people they told me it's a beuaty products, supplements but they never mentioned NUskin although I have a feeling it is. I told them I am in a company that is a competitor of NU skin and they are gone in a second!

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  198. Buti na lang meron nang internet so i googled the address. Got the same call an hour ago and I got suspicious because when i asked what job will i be interviewing for, sabi ba naman for company expansion. hindi na ako masyadong nag-effort kasi i'm not looking for a job din naman. anyway, eto naman yung number na ginamit pangtawag. 0917-7223180.

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  199. Hi. I received a phone call for about an hour ago from a certain Celine (09278382863). She gave me the same lines she gave to Cat and Marts and the same infos as the others have. I was really doubtful with the infos she gave, I don't know how she got my cellphone number because it's not even posted on my FB account. she didn't answer my queries directly. Right after her call i search the internet on the location of their company. Thank God I found this blog. Thanks also to everyone for the info.

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