Saturday, May 16, 2009

Expanding Her Horizon

My bestfriend Race for over 25 years finally decided to quit her 8-5 job because deep in her heart she is not happy with it anymore. There are times we talk about it and I know she had prayed for it very hard and with so much thinking and weighing the pros and cons, she finally decided to quit her work. Although she still works part time she is not tied on her waist, which she has longed for.

She has many things on her mind right now like putting up her own business so that she can be her own boss. Now she has also lots of time spent with her kids, I can sense that she is happy and ready to take a plunge on the next chapter of her life.

I reckon she will be adjusting from a full-time career woman to a semi-working and plain housewife but knowing her, she can do it in a snap and with flying colors. I just hope when all the things are settled, she'll be able to do the thing that she really most wanted to do. A firm believer, noble server of God that she is, I know that her faith will strengthen her more.

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