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Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Gold Jewelries and Coins

It’s already a routine for me to visit my facebook account everyday and this afternoon I was simply impressed by some of the shoutouts of my friends while one got me irked. Oh well, it’s the time of the month once again so I have little patience.

I also got envy to hear that my sister got some new gold jewelries that she bought at one of the shops in Riyadh. You see, there are just too many gold shops selling affordable jewelries in Saudi where you’ll have a hard time choosing what design that you want. I also noticed that their gold are much nicer as they don’t fade unlike the once I got from Australia. I’m hoping to buy another gold jewelry in the future as I have not bought in many years.

Maybe if I have saved enough, I also can buy gold in the form of coins or bullion at US Gold Bureau for I learned that they are also a good form of collection as well as investment. Even if there’ll be some instances that they may depreciate, it’s value still holds a great place in the market today.