Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Being Generous

I have always admired my mom for being generous and giving to all of us, her children. There are times that I know that she is giving so much already and spoiling one of my brother. She is quick to his rescue and often tells me that we should give to those that need and every time I hear that I'll just shut my mouth and erase my enviousness. Mom is always helpful to the point that she's almost abused and always leaned on everytime but I know how mothers are, they just can't take for granted a child in need.

Aside from that, our helper, who's been with us for over a decade already also receives blessing from mom from time to time. He is working at a construction site but since he can't find construction jobs these days, mom are ready to call him to work some few things in the house. Just like today, he is called to clean the backyard, check on our roof and other minor house maintenance just to give him a little job. When he's about to leave, food, rice and money are given as well. I hope I can be as generous as my mom.

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