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Monday, May 21, 2012

God Whispers

God whispers to me today and this is what HE has to say. I’m really trying my very best to be good all the time and be contented on what I have but I know there are times that I seek for more. I’m lucky to have a family like what I have especially having my mom around. I just hope that her health will be stable and good for she hates going to the hospital and see the patient monitor that nurses are usually showing her.

I’m praying that I’ll change for the better and will inspire others.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Balancing our Online Life

A good read that I have today is about beating information addiction. We all know that almost all people are online 24/7 now. I have seen quite a lot of people who can’t imagine their lives without the internet or without their computers and mobile phones. It’s really a digital age now as we can already do almost all things online without getting out of our house. From simple paying bills, to transferring funds thought online banking, online shopping, you can even do your grocery online too if you have no time. Life has changed so much these days.

We check our mails and other messages upon waking up in the morning and I’m guilty of that. While having my breakfast, my phone is with me already while I check my online stuff.  Yay, I’ve been beaten by the online bug hehe and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I think we need to slow down few hours everyday so we can focus on other things aside form our online world. I’m also afraid that a lot of kids  are drawn to too much online games that sometimes they neglect their studies already. They don’t even know how to play games outside of their home. If technology has so many advantages it also has disadvantages that goes along with it so we need to balance our life.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Trials, New Triumphs and more

Hey everyone, how’s your holidays and 2012 so far?

The holidays are just too busy for most of us and I guess we’re all ok now that new year has started. 2011 is pretty good for me and I hope 2012 brings more luck and good things for all of us. I’m just praying so hard that no more disaster where hundreds of people will die just like what happened in the Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City tragedy last December. It’s just so heartbreaking to see their condition in the news and to hear all the sad stories.

May the Lord bless us and like everyone are saying, there’s new trials and challenges but we need to be ready to face them for all problems will have a solution. We need to trust in the Lord for He has the almighty power to give all the blessings and the healing that we all need.

Happy new year everyone!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Lessons from the Midwest

One year, when I was a child, we traveled through the midwest. My Dad was headed to a new job and I remember thinking how flat things were; nothing but prairies. Here and there were cattle ranches and the sound of trains off in the distance. Traveling through Nebraska and Kansas, the countryside seemed like one long wheat field. The scenery seldom changed and, to my childish eyes, there was nothing to see.

At the truck stops, old-timers were filled with stories of tornadoes carrying off cattle and children. My sister and I were petrified at the prospect. We had visions of great twisters and wicked witches chasing us across the prairies.

We woke up one evening in the backseat of the car, and discovered we were actually driving in a town. We hadn’t seen any towns in a while and this was a real treat. The only thing I knew about Gary, Indiana was a song from the Music Man that my parents sang. This town did not look like what I remembered on the screen, but at least it was a town.

My Aunt was there to greet us and showed us our new house. We were lucky enough to move into a home that she had owned. And, so we could refurbish the old place, she had actually obtained--with her own money and credit, a very inexpensive mortgage refinance. Indiana became home.

I have to confess that it was not the place of my dreams, at first. But, like my Aunt, the community was filled with salt-of-the-earth good neighbors and I eventually came to love them like family. I learned the meaning of trust and caring from wonderful people.

Although I moved away years ago, I remember Gary, Indiana with fondness, and sometimes, when apprehensive about the future, I find myself singing: ”Gary Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary-”

And faith returns.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Be a Responsible Driver

Have you heard the shocking news lately when a woman and her 3 year old daughter that was run over by a big bus in EDSA? The mother survived but her right arm was amputated but her daughter was so unfortunate because it died on the spot. This is so heartbreaking and it was even caught in the CCTV camera. Though it is an accident, the driver should have been alert and responsible for he has done. I guess the driver is in jail right now.

I also would like to remind those vehicle owners who really have no conscience while parking on the no parking zone. I wish the motorhome towing will caught them and be fined for doing that. Some drivers just park and not minding that they are obstructing others and sometimes cause traffic.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend That Was

How are you all today? Yesterday I am the cook and had fun doing it. I didn’t go out shopping as well but just accompanied my niece to a couturier and after that I had the laziest afternoon and evening afterwards. It’s weekend so I have the right to laze around like most of you do, right? I was hoping that I could do a bit cleaning in the house but I started to watch TV and I was unstoppable.

It's a brand new week today, it’s gloomy and raining today but I sure hope that will not dampen my enthusiasm for having a great and productive day. I know it’ll be another busy week for me with all my online and offline works. I still have to look into those bathrooms fixture that I saw at and I’ve been thinking that it’ll be a perfect place to get idea and purchase items needed for the bathroom renovation that I’ve been thinking for a while now. I sure hope there will come a time where I can see a new bathroom and living room in our house. I was watching all those reality shows where they head over to a house to clean it and do a great make over. It’s always in my mind that it’ll be an awesome opportunity to be in those kind of shows.

Friday, August 14, 2009

When Life Just Gives You Heartaches

I was listening to the radio one morning and when I turned the dial into a new channel, my attention was caught by a guy talking to his girlfriend live.

It turned out that he is telling a secret that he's been keeping for so many years and with millions of listeners on radio he managed to tell her live in partner that he can't  bear a child simply because he is impotent since the results says it. Wow that hurts, the girl was so shocked to hear that and she didn't even know that it was being broadcast live on the radio.

The girl can't see the reason why he hids that for 9 long years and the guy was so apologetic and doesn't want her to leave him after knowing that. I guess if they really love each other they will stick together but their situation is very complicated. Yay life really is so cruel at times but that's what life really is