Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Trouble Starts Anew

Lately, I've been trying to be healthy  since the day I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures last February. I've been checking out my diet and trying not to eat (as much as possible) all the foods that can trigger my hyperacidity attacks. Oh dear, I have sacrificed a lot.. ( a lot!!). I eliminated coffee and other caffeine products in my diet and that means no more hot coffee for me to sip every mornings. My doctor said it's acid forming and if I want some healing I should really follow her advices. Thankfully since February, I have not drink any coffee. I don't even crave to drink in the first place. I guess it has helped with my health.

Milk and milk products are also not good for my stomach, but it’s very impossible for me to get rid of them. I’m just trying to minimize eating them especially cheese, which I’m eating almost daily in the past. I’m not also eating too much in a meal because doing so will result in dyspepsia and bloating. Ohh dear.. I have lost weight as well and it saddens me. I don’t like the way I look in the mirror and my friends are even shock to see me this way.

With all the efforts that I’m doing, there are times that I still battle with hyperacidity and I already don’t know what to do. I’m just taking my antacid and even considering of looking for the best colon cleanse if that will heal me forever. Too bad, I have this kind of stomach. I just envy those that have so much appetite and can eat whatever they like without feeling bloated and acidic.

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