Friday, May 27, 2011

No Sports for Him

I’m not sure if I’m going to be alarmed with the eating habits and behavior of my nephew. At 13, he is just fond of eating rice only with soup (no meat or veggies) or sauces for his meal though he can eat some portions of spring rolls at times. We often told him that what he is eating is only fitted for babies and he can’t get lots of nutrition from that.

Others advised my SIL to just leave him like that and for sure in no time, he’d learn how to eat rice with chicken or meat in it. No doubt, that’s why he is so frail and thin for his age. He’s not also into sports as he finds playing computer games much more exciting. Ahh.. how’d I wish I can see him play basketball, soccer and other sports. It would be nice if he’d be interested in them and if that happens, I’ll be more that glad to give him basketball or soccer gifts on his birthday.

Oh well, I know that every kid has his own likes and passion and I don’t have to impose to him what to like.

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