Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Killing Me Softly

Last Sunday, I had this throbbing migraine that started at the back of my head going up to my temple. What makes it worst is that, the lower right molar of mine is also aching. It’s a double pain and I’m getting crazy. I confined myself inside my room, trying hard not to open the lights because it can only worsen my migraine. The hot temperature also made me whine so much and the only consolation that I have is when we had tons of siomai and French fries after I woke up after a nap.

The pain is still there so I had no choice but to drink my Advil to relieve the pain. It was only yesterday when I was able to go to my dentist and have it checked. Some parts of my gum is swollen already and I need to rest it for a while. She didn’t extracted my molar yet as I was hoping and begging it’ll be save. My dentist just prescribed an amoxicillin for me to drink, new very soft toothbrush and 2 toothpaste for me to use (one for gums and sensitive teeth).

Right now, I’m on a soft diet for 2 days and it’s killing me. I only had lugaw, champorado, rice with loads of soup and mashed veggies because I could not bite meat. Arghhhh.. This diet will surely make me more thin and sexy hehe.. I don't even need fat burners because I don’t have much to burn anyway.

Hoping to eat more after I got fine in few days or so because I’m dying to eat grilled baby back ribs already.

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