Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Love for Watches

At first, I really never cared if I don’t have a nice or branded watch or if I have only one watch that I can use over and over again. My love for watches only started back in the late 90’s when I got a watch as a present from a cousin in the US. I treasured and appreciated it so much that I kept the watch up to now. Later on, another cousin gave me another watch as a gift when her mom went home for a vacation back here in the country. I sure felt special because I’ve been receiving watches as gifts.

I soon found myself saving money and bought a branded watch for my birthday. My purchases didn’t stop there as I’ve been also buying from a friend overseas. Even my brother-in-law noticed that I love watches so when I had my vacation in Sydney few years back, he pulled me to a watch store and asked me what I want. So generous of him so I just picked a gold Guess watch. Before I went back home, I could not resist not to buy another silver watch with Swarovski crystals thus I made that purchase.

A trip to HK Disneyland in Dec. 2009 also made me purchase a leather-strapped Minnie mouse watch. Would you believe that just the other night, my eyes feasted on the some watches that I found on e-bay? I’m on the verge of buying one but unfortunately the debit card that was attached on my paypal is already expired that’s why I can’t make any purchase at the moment. Bet ya, it was close.

Anyway, so you think I’m already contented with some of my watches? I’m still intending to buy few and perhaps I’ll try some other brands such as , Michael Kors and Anne Klein Watches. Found the Anne Klein to be elegant and stylish. I already saw great deals at Deals Aholic and they have nice collection of watches.

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