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Friday, February 18, 2011

SEO Consultants

As a blogger, having page ranks on our blogs are very important on our online works. Having a higher PR means more work for many advertisers like put their links on blogs or sites with higher PR. Anyway, I must admit that I really can't understand how Google can rank each blog or sites. I know that page ranks depends on many factors like how many hits that your site has, inbound links and more.

I'm not an expert when it comes to SEO but it sure looks interesting to know how SEO really works. I have a tutorial about it but was too lazy to read and experiment on it. Some companies are even hiring seo consultants that can take care of their site's search engine optimization, web marketing and more.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Increase Website Traffic to your Site

In this age and time where almost all people are going online, it’s imperative for every website or blog owner to learn ways on how they can increase website traffic to their sites. Website owners most especially those in e-commerce will find it very useful to know that the influx of visitors to their site can be converted to sales in the future.

The simple ways to increase your traffic is by linking to other sites, joining forums, exchanging links, submitting your site at website directories, doing promotions and more. If you’re a blogger it’ll also help if you can optimize the keywords of your blog post titles for it can help in the search engine optimizations.

If you want to be more serious in your SEO plans for your site, hiring a search engine optimization company company that can do the job for your site/s can be very helpful. ThinkBIGSites, is one such company that offers organic search engine optimization services, pay per click programs, website optimization & web design, link building, video production, social media marketing services and more. Hiring the services of professionals like ThinkBig can do all the marketing and SEO strategies that can be a sure-fire ways to increase traffic to your site.